I got our power bill today...and whoa what a shock... i mean i knew it would go up because of all the fans and ac but damn... well i log on to the bank website to see what was what. I figured we had about 300 bucks...WRONG we only have 135..because DAVID cannot seem to freakin comprhend that we need things like FOOD before we need stuff like cd's and eating out with his parents (and apparently paying for thier food as well) I honestly DO NOT know how we will make it the next two weeks *he gets paid tuesday* my insurance, rent, phone and utilities have to come out of that check! then theres gonna have to be gas bought for the car as well. I guess ramen noodles will become VERY popular around here I just dont understand why we cannot get a handle on our money. well I do understand, but I dont know why he doesnt. there are charges on the account that are totally out there. and hes lying about how much he spends places, and its getting on my nerves. and he thinks he is gonna go to a … [Read more...]


i am finished with that God awlful class...and i'm pissed as hell~! i worked my ass off, and threw up countless times to get my work done and i made a D! ----grrr----- the alternator on my car went out AGAIN the same night...while david had went to go to home depot after he dropped me off. my dad had to go fix it, and then they didnt get home till after 11:30 p.m yesterday I went to my moms and we didnt really go anywhere & do anything... i feel like this is an "angry" post lol, so i'm gonna be out for now, and write more latter when it cools down a little bit :) … [Read more...]

queezy & such

my mom has been sick all day, I swear if I knew that the woman doesnt drink I would swear she was hungover! I myself have been queezy for like 3 hours. if i werent bleeding to death i'd swear I was pregnant! I never finished my last two documents. i will do it late tonight/early tommorow. I think 14 is enough for one day. tommorow is the last day of that class anyways! I am  finally at a C average and i am fine with that. we have a final multiple choice exam, a production test, 2 timed writings, a unit grade... still left to get, so maybe i'll hit a B before all is said and done. I am really wanting to sell some crafty things!!!! I am gonna post two more little purses that I made :) and if you want to buy them LET ME KNOW! I can put it on ebay, etsy or do it through paypal...yup yup i figure if i sold the purses for like ..10 bucks a piece...sold 10 a week i'll keep david off my ass about getting a job! (hee hee)  I also want to do some scrapbook pages (have to find some envelopes … [Read more...]

almost through

I have typed the remaining 5 doccuments, and edited 14 doccuments of 16 total... i've been taking me a little break and I wanted to write a few lines here Friday was a big day for this blog... my busiest ever! I am so happy. finally having people to link & comment is awesome my mom & I aren't having the yardsale this weekafterall so i'm happy about that. longer post latter today, but I gotta run and clean up the house and maybe finish the last two doc's :) nichole … [Read more...]


tommorow I have to finish up my text entry hw... and it is gonna be HOT AS HELL up here! i'll probably be sitting aroudn with a wet towel around my neck, my feet in a bucket of cold water and eating a popsicle! I was gonna try to do some tonight, but lets face it... I cant ever stay up late anymore so heres to my hot tommorow... … [Read more...]