so far, so good

Usually on the 14 day mark i get a letter or phone call telling me that I am going to have to have another procedure or surgery after i go to the dr. today is the 14 day mark..and the mail has ran, and no phone calls yet either :) I am lazy as all get out today. i need to clean up in the house and do some of my transcription hw, but i havent yet lol. just wanted to let everyone know the good news about no letter no call! more soon! xoxo ng … [Read more...]

Arby Q ARBY Q lol

I am out visiting some sites that I go to and never comment at lol...i always fuss about all my hits with no comments, and then I do the same thing! i have tried to do my transcription chapter hw for ch1-3. the book sucks ass though if you want my opinion. I hope it doesnt turn out as bad as the legal issues book or I might seriously throw stuff I dont generally eat at arbys but yesterday I tried their ARBy-Q sandwich. now i run around going ARBYQ ARBQ lol. yesterday I got one of those food saver vaccum thingies at my old job. it was marked for 3 bucks, but i got a whole cart load of shit and my ex-boss only charged me ten bucks, so ... coolness!! i also got some shirts & a space heater for this winter upstairs (we got one from my mom for christmas last year we use downstairs) I went two weeks ago to the health dept. they seem to interpret my april test results differently than my reg obgyn (and shes one ofthe top 50 in the country, so who you think i trust?) they are already … [Read more...]

dead net

sure doesnt look like i've missed much while i've been gone lol I am trying to find a transcription usb foot pedal. if anyone is bored and finds me one cheaper than 58 bucks please leave me a comment and let me know. i might be able to borrow a friends if she ends up crediting by exam the class...but well you never know. david & I have been going to bed at like 7 this week lol. I don't know why we've done that. last night i got up at 11 and stayed up till 1:30. me and my sleep issues. i'm like a baby with its days and night confused. i had creepy freakin dreams last night. like in one dream I asked if i was gonna ever have a baby and then i saw this flash of light, and there were little kids playing at a playground (I take that as a yes? ) lol but I dont know why it was so spooky. sometimes i just get the creeps. dont know why i'm trying to clean up the house and do some of my transcription homework in adavance... but i'm kinda just in this blogging/site/pics mood so we'll see … [Read more...]

back in the blogging again

i think i almost have my interest in the net back lol...honestly this happens to me every once in a blue moon. i'm currently looking for new links to exchange.. some of my people have deleted their sites and such. i'm also thinking of some content hope to see you all around xxng … [Read more...]


eek i need inspiration for this site lol. actually I need web inspiration I will return.... xo xo xo nichole … [Read more...]

where is everyone?? i know i havent been around the last couple of weeks but i've just not been in the bloggin mood, and i'm almost tired of the net i post alot at you really should go join!! I will try to write more latter. just wanted everyone to know i'm alive. I don't have alot to say right now but just dont forget about me!! … [Read more...]