I just want to say I appreciate everyone who comes to my site. especially my regulars who comment on everything! you all make me feel so happy :) I was gonna go to my moms tommorow, take duke and let him chill outside all day (my mom wont let him or shadow in the house... ) but since I feel like crud I dont know. i mean I dont want NOONE else to get this cold. its positively evil and i'm afraid if it spreads the next person that has it will have it worse than me! so we'll see about that i'm behind on getting things done in the house. and we all know i'm so obssesive i cannot just take a chill day lol. oh dont those cemetary pics give my site an halloween feel? lol./ i will prob make all those pics private and require a guest pass to view/ it just depends on how many weirdos keep contacting me on flickr! I should go over to the school and do my pic uploading it would be faster. but it would also require me to put on real clothes do my hair and get out of the house. lol ok i'm out … [Read more...]


I'm telling you ever since i got flickr pro early this morning i've had people adding random old family pics to their faves and commenting ..its rather disturbing i guess. actually one comment pissed me off so bad! it was the picture of my latest cervical cancer letter that i had posted here, part of my 365. well of course anyone who comes to this site/ knows me knows my whole cervical cancer story, and you "get" what i'm saying in my comment on that pic. someone leaves me a comment about i should have it checked and blah blah blah. i'm like WHOA. excuse me. you dont even know the story on that. dont preach to me about getting it checked. believe me its been checked for TWO FREAKING YEARS! i mean seriously. why would you comment on something like that when you have NO CLUE what the story is??? ARGH This cold is still kicking my butt. just took some more advil cold n sinus. i might take a shower. i dont know. shadow is laying over here beside me and duke is downstairs with david. ok … [Read more...]


I didnt go to school this morning. I woke back up @ 7 feeling like death so I called my ride & my mom and went back to sleep. I figure i re-caught this cold at my parents this weekend because my dad has had it too. all i know is it needs to GO away fast. I just sit around and sweat and chill and cough and sneeze !! I went PRO on my flickR so if you see some unusual pics over there its because i'm sharing the account with my mom and we are putting the old family pics up. ok gotta run. (well not really my foot you know lol) ng … [Read more...]


I am just lazy plain n simple. i got up when david left for work @ 6 a.m to make his lunch. I decided though i felt awake and fine to go back to bed..then i didnt get up till 10 a.m!! lol. at least this time when i went back to bed i didnt wake up feeling like crap! I actually even went to bed at 9 last night! i'm becomming an old person. lol my foot is not getting better so i just try to limit my trips up and down stairs... i'm getting ready to boil some chicken. i'm having chicken w/stuffing & brown gravy for dinner. quick simple.. cheap. me and david still having the money problems. but i'm not gonna go there well i'm out. need to jump in the shower, put some clothes away and get dinner going. l8ter ng … [Read more...]


thursday I spent all day after class in bed with "flu" symptoms (ie my muscles were hurting) friday i didnt really do anything( having brain freeze remembering friday? ? lol) yesterday I had my yardsale. but it rained. so i only made about 30 bucks :( since sometime last week i've been having problems with my left foot/leg/ankle area.its so bad I just hobble around and limp. i have no insurance so.. just gotta deal with it. i cant hardly walk though so that sucks. and it hurts even when i'm just sitting around :( you know iwth me if its not one thing, its another lol we are having an makeup day for the yardsale on oct 18 or 25 i'm not sure which. i'm backed up on getting my 365 pics up. comemnting. etc. anyways wanted everyone to know i'm still around more latter nichole … [Read more...]

early in the morning *cough

blah. i am so sick of getting up early in the morning. seriously. as soon as i get into my deep sleep I gotta get up :( plus this cold I have has decided to take up a residence. of course its only really bad at night & early mornings! ok so i dont want to turn this post into all about nichole never feeling we shall move on so i'm happy my grandma wanted to buy my wii & all the stuff. I kinda wish i'd have asked a LITTLE bit more thoug. she kept telling me she didnt want me to cheat myself. I told her if she wanted to give me more then she could decide that herself. I just had to have the 320! of course this money will be used for paying on my credit card so YAY yardsale is saturday. last year when we had the yardsale I was hungover as it gets ...actually at that time it was the most sick i'd ever got from drinking! i had threw up all night. ugh. lol I wont do that again! i'm adjusting better to life with the dog. he just bugs me really bad when  i come home or if … [Read more...]