busy bee

my grandma bought my wii, the wii fit , cooking mama guitar hero and pet cats for 320 so YAY I wanted at least 350 but its for family so i have got NOTHING done today. I didnt get up till 9. then my mom came over and I didnt get back till almost 1. then i talked to my grandma for an hour. so. lol.  I have a house to clean and hw due tonight. BLAH real update latter !! xo ng … [Read more...]

nichole is having a sale

starting with my wii fit i'm phasing out my wii so i can pay off on my credit card & perhaps get a laptop if you are interested in buying my wii fit i'm gonna sale it for what i paid + shipping so around 120..so just let me know. and if you know someone let them know its in great condition. bought it the week that it came out and havent used it very much at all. with the dog the cat and school and me never feeling worth a crap I just dont need it thanks nichole … [Read more...]


I am behind on responding to my comments & going around and commenting at sites.and putting up my award that I won at ssscribbles. and linking people. hopefully I will be able to remedy that this week! went to the apple festival yesterday, but it sucked because david didnt want to stay very long and my camera died so i didnt get to take a pic of the huge shopping cart. i've been awake since 7 becuz shadow didnt want to sleep in my room anymore.now that I got up and came in here with him hes asleep!duke is still in the bed with david. i just heard him howl in his sleep! we have to go to take alex home today(davids bro) and that means i'll be at my parents. we are taking duke, and hes gonna go with david (i had a feeling that would happen,because I was gonna put him on his big leash thing at my parents_)davids so attatched to him!! shadow will be a happyboy because he will get to stay out while we are gone. at least I will get my hair straightened today!!! so excited. its been … [Read more...]


I am still sick. advil cold & sinus helps but its like YO kick in already. I wanted to go back to bed but between this cat and dog theres just NO way that can happen. we are seriously considering maybe getting rid of the dog. I dont want to be mean to the poor thing...its gottene better about sleeping with us so that david can sleep with me, but its like now i'm stuck at home forever (ie going to my moms on wed to go shopping, going on vacations) If i were to go to my grandmas i could take him with me. she has an inside porch thingy so he;d be alright. its just going anywhere else would be a problem. am i selfish or what? my mom wont let any annimal in her house so if we go down there he'd have to stay tied up on her porch. what to do what to do? I think i really am going to get a paid flickr account. I prob wait till i get money for the last book I sold on half, and after my yardsale next saturday. 15 months for 25 bucks well its not bad. and i'd honestly rather have that than a … [Read more...]


I swear if I didnt know any better I would think that I had the flu. at first i thought it was my allergies acting up but now my muscles hurt and I have coughed so much my ribs and lungs hurt :( blah!! last night duke actually slept in the bed with me and david so that was great. eh sorry so short everyone. I need to go lay down for a few ok..more lates … [Read more...]