cat=ching up

sheesh. I finally typed my freebie hw for transcription(doesnt matter what you put as long as you put something you get credit) and did my photostory3 project for emerging tech. though I am not sure which file to upload through the assignments link on blackboard. my mom ended up comming over here today because I thought it was gonna be really cold this morning and I didnt want to have duke out that early in the cold. she helped me putaway my skirts tanktops and capris and put out my long sleeves. my latest project i've managed to get myself into with my mom is burning dvds of the family pictures because I am the only one with the dvd burner. so far i'm liking the windows dvd maker the best out of MUVEE and cyberlink something another. ok so i'm gonna go watch THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR season 2 and chill in my bed so... latterz ng … [Read more...]

i can takez nap?

I feel a little better after taking a nap...fell asleep watching days of our lives really I am begining to want to get rid  of this dog. for my own selfish reasons I suppose. because id like to be able to go to my moms on wedneseday and be able to go to the thrift shops. instead if I go we are stuck at the house heres the link about the POGO david will be home soon and I didnt even make dinner. I think they had a cookout at work today and i mean if hes already full why should i cook a big meal? if he is hungry i'll make something quick like spaghetti or something. and omg I KNOW i am NOT getting a SORe throat! … [Read more...]

tired. again.suprise? no

ugh what is wrong with me always being tired.i so do NOT get it!! I take vitamin B green tea,etc and still barely have enough energy to get through the day without napping. which I did try to cut out but I just end up being ILL so i might as well take one anyways. YUCK> i got this last night.. at spencers. seriously I need to stay away from walmart, mcdonalds,longhorn, spencers and best buy. lol and omg what is up with victorias secret.I have been in there like 4x and not bought anything...because they dont have anything really new since I got something with the tax refund money in march!! I found something newto lust after. have you seen this thing by polaroid called the pogo? its like a portable picture printer that doesnt use ink. it gets generally good reviews. maybe it will go on blitz. i want that and a digital photo frame. omg so obssessive with cameras and pictures I am. ok so i think i will go nap now. i'm cheating and making spaghetti for dinner so. … [Read more...]

a nicholes work is never done

I feel much better after getting some much needed sleep after what happened saturday oh mentioning saturday. my yardsale was a BUST i made $2.50!! i was like this was so not worth getting up at 6 a.m for!! I was hoping to make some money to help pay more on my camera. oh well! maybe better luck next time. next year sometime. sheesh. I need another $225 yardsale like back in the summer we are gonna go take back the itouch and eat out this evening like i mentioned before. kinda looking forward to it. I really miss shopping lol. I really appreciate gel & michelle for the comments. it means alot to have loyal readers!! :) today I slept till almost 11! and have basically been chilling ever since. I dont plan to do alot today. i'm trying to get out of my obssessive compulsive recent cleaning spree. ok well i'm out because I need to shower and wash dishes. and watch days of our lives and be ready when david gets home xo ox ng … [Read more...]

forgive. forget

ugh. last night sucked MAJORLY . david and i got in a fight and I cant even really tell you what was going on. I had been drinking a little bit, but he hadn't and well I tend not to remember alot when i'm drinking you know? I just know I cried so much my throat is raw and my eyes have that tired feeling. everything is ok now but we just DONT fight. we fuss or argue but not FIGHT. there are 3 nights in my life I would like to forget. that is one of them. today we had to take his bro back (dont get me started on why his bro is back over here two weeks after crashing my computer) and I played rumy with my parents and slept lol. david went to get us some of those wendys sandwichs..the flavor dipped ones.. I wanted buffalo but heck everytime i get something spicy at afast food place it is always beyond hot. so I am going to get the barbecue one. and then hes going to mcdonalds to get the big thing of fries. cuz they have the best fries!! david is going to take back his itouch . we were … [Read more...]

cha cha (oh how ILOVE mynew camera)

omg. this camera is the STUFF!! lol I will get some of the pics up here in a little while. right now i'm watching Kath & Kim and finally finishing up my transcription homework. argh I feel so bad that its late. :( I should have it turned in in the next few minutes today was the only day I had class this week (I only have classese tues/.thurs) andwe had a small fall break this week. anyways so this makes me all out ofwhack on my days lol. actually saturday i'm having another yardsale at my moms. thank god its NOT supposed to rain, just be cool temps. sorry I really havent been around lately. with that stupid cold adn everything..i was just blah. and afraid my technological bad luck would continue now i'm trying to figure out my new laptop,my new camera clean the house and just basically have fun.yay for things being back to normal. as far as i know. hee hee heres the link about my camera. seriously when i took my other one back to walmart the lady in the electronics was like "do … [Read more...]