ok so wed. i went with david as he went to work and I was gonna go shopping with my grandma, my mom and my cousin but when david called me to say hey he was pitching a fit about going home right after he got off at noon. so needless to say it didnt go over to well with me trying to work on a rush when he knows I dont ever get to see my family! i was crying all over the place and was so pissed I stayed at home with my dad and my grandpa. then he started being a pain again later in the afternoon and we got into it AGAIN. we finally got over it ... well at my moms that night my uncle and my cousin (who isnt his kid) got into it over her and his kids playing monopoly  and my cousin that he yelled at ovr this stupid stuff stayed up crying all night.(i didnt know what the fihgt was over at first and I almost asked who wanted to play monopoly yesterday lol) well yesterday went ok.... duke is sick with his stomach ...and my dad was pissing me off tlaking about how he thinks duke is mean or … [Read more...]

blah o so blah

ugh. i dont really have alot to say. busy with the thanksgiving. david and I are like ready to kill eachother. well house has a special episode so i'm out. more lates me … [Read more...]

wow. first post since I got hosted!!

yay.. so i finally have got things set up for the most part. now if I could figure out where that freakin api key is hiding so i can get my stats set up! my laptop is gone..slow ass hp prob wont have that back until next week :(  thats why I really haven't been on. that and trying to get the house cleaned up for the company coming into town for the holidays. well this is a short post because i'm gonna get a few more things done. please feel free to exchange links with me, add me on flickr or on twitter! thanks again to michelle for taking a chance and hosting me :) … [Read more...]

my poor laptop

Word C0UNT 399 ok so this laptop is only 2 1/2 months old. and today the letter O decided to come off...and it wont go back on! the piece of plastic that holds it on broke. so for three hours I tried to put it back on because I didnt want david to bitch at me over it. and well it never worked. I got a headache and started crying and I told him when he got home. well a keyboard for this thing is 129/ well it is still under warranty so i'm like fine I will sacrafise it for a few weeks and send it off. which sucks because I was making wedding dvd's and family history ones for christmas. maybe i'll still get the chance. but I dont know. ugh. so then let me tell you bout the rest of the day I had. I got to the health dept right on time. i mean I already knew that theres no use in getting there early or anything. i waited 1 hr and 15 minutes to get my pills. i was like wtf. i sat there for 1hr before they even called me up there to ask me my info(um i was just there 3 months ago so wtf … [Read more...]

doing things I shouldn’t have to

word count 234 ok so i wrote here like in august that I went off the pill. and well I'm not really telling anyone other than david that as far as my family. so tommorow I have to go to the health dept with my mom and get more pills (since david takes the car to work, etc etc) so GRR i'll so be wasting time but I dont want to hear about how i should be on it because I dont honestly believe that I should. I am laying in my warm bed watching friends and playing online. how awesome is that. I prob should wash dishes but eh. it is 9:20 at night and I just want to chill. I took a nap today and omg it was the best nap ever.i was watching days of our lives went to sleep and didnt wake up until 4 !! that was 3 hrs. I am trying to not take naps tht much anymore you know. thats the first one in like a week or so. omg . a week till thanksgiving. eek. ok i'm out. i've asked david for almost two weeks to change out shadows box... and he better do it tonight. it is SO starting to smell. … [Read more...]

photo printer part2

project 365 day74 11.17.08, originally uploaded by xxpollypocket. heres a pic of my photo printer. i'm kind of disappointed to learn it was a discontinued one (from walmart) and it was only 10 bucks cheaper than the newer one but oh well !! its so tiny and cute and the pics look great :) and i believe most of their photo printers use the 110 ink soo.. i'm gonna try to do better at importing some pics into the blog like i used to h a ha i have been freakishly energetic the past three days..and i'm now starting to get sleepy!! it was good while it lasted, hopefully it will continue. I will give out that link to the digitaly nichole *deeper* site sometime soon. theres nothing there yet anyways!! ok so i need to throw all my school stuff together and go lay down so CIAOCIAO ng ps:remember i'm always willing to do a link exchange.:) i will be cleaning out some of my links soon of people who I don't really visit and all that sooo... lol … [Read more...]