i just got~!

david got me the hp photosmart compact photo printer ! it prints 4x6 pics :) it is an early christmas gift I have spent ALL day trying to figure out why my headphones and speakers will not work with the same drivers on this laptop and still don't know that i've solved the problem. now i'm having some kinda thing with my virus scan not wanting to update its definitions!! ugh. why me lol ok i'm gonna go take a shower. more latterz … [Read more...]


I am working at site on blogger called Digitaly Nichole [deeper]to put some of my more "deeper" thoughts and things at. I just dont want some things on this site because it links back from facebook, flickr, etc and well I dont need everyone up in all my business. I will be glad to give out the link just ask me for it. it might not even pan out, its just an Idea I went to my moms today and got my hair done and picked up some random clothes my grandma sent. cant believe in a little over a week she'll be down here :) Transcription is comming to a nice hault. I got one more transcribeing to do and I will be ahead to dec 03 as far as I know. i'm two homeworks and 2 reports ahead at that time.there might be a test in there at some point but those are easy because all you do is edit a document! ok more latter. gonna find some food. plus i have to go back out to the car to get out my heat pack (ribs..still not well) … [Read more...]

100 posts (101)

word count: 380 my last post was my 100th .. ha ha. so anyways i suppose you can say i'm "on the mend" as far as my back pain. it still hurts but it is managable. basically thats why I havent really been online the last week or so tuesday my mom came over and helped me get a couple of things done around the house (and pop my rib back into place) wedneseday david and I went to longhorn and actualyl ordered steak (we usually get wings and salads) yesterday my mom and dad came over (my dad is on vacation till dec 1 and driving my mom insane) but we went to the grocery store. then david and i went out to walmart and somehow did not make it home with the captains crackers and koolaide that i bought... i have the reciept but no stuff~ I know I could have called and seen if i left it or whatever but it was only 3.44 worth of stuff and I didnt really feel like it. I just cant believe I did that. david has aggravated me to no end about getting a contract cell phone for him again. I am on … [Read more...]

pain pain

hey well I havent really been online in a few days because I either a. pulled out some ribs or b. have a lung infection or C. Both.  not really sure I just know i am in severe pain. well i swear a real update latter. I need to get a few things done around here ng … [Read more...]

thanksgiving can stay away

ugh.  dont get me wrong I was all for it when it was just my mom & dad. me & david.  my grandparents and two cousins comming down from va. but now it is turning into all that + my uncle & his two kids and possibly my uncle and his honey & 3 more kids, and another uncle his chick and her two kids? *someone save nichole david shadow and duke* I didnt get my transcription done suprise suprise. oh well. getting my hair colored cut and straightened back out today ciao and yes i'm up early on sat again! … [Read more...]


everyone always wonders why i'm never in a good mood. I don't know. maybe its because my sleep is so messed up. or maybe its because it seems like i'm always sick. which could lead you to maybe its becase i dont feel as though my husband loves me anymore. and maybe thats why I'm always blue and have migraines. because nothing I do is good enough its never what I DO its the stupuid random stuff that he comes up with that i DIDNT DO. just because you tell me you love me all the time doesn't mean its something that i'm feeling. everytime his brother comes over he pulls off this attitude of an ASS. like i'm beneath him or something. hes already started and hasnt been home an hour yet. over shadows fish bowl. i left it up here and forgot to take it back downstairs. yeah man that really seems like something to start a fight over! and then he wants to know if i want to drink tonight? yeah right. apparently if he's already acting like that it will only get worse with alcohol  and I wnat to … [Read more...]