what a weekend..what a week

Saturday was the most boring day EVER. after I finished watching that nicholas nickelby movie we decided to go to one of the bigger malls around here. its only about 30-45 min away, and we used to go there all the time when we were dating actually he still goes there a lot with his parents. anyways we went some long way and it took over an hour to get there. I don't know if I ever mentioned that everytime i'm out in my car at night i get a headache and start generally not feeling well. I really don't know why.so anyways i thought i was gonna hurl my cookies before we even got there..but luckily I didnt. but anyways we walked around forever at the mall. and all i got was britneys new cd because i found it for 11 bucks (its really good btw) so we ended up getting back here about 10:30 then yesterday we went down to my moms. well of course my mom and dad werent there because they had decided to go to virginia so we just ate some shomars at their house (becuz we had duke with us) then we … [Read more...]

the sun it came it went

yesterday i actually got some sunshine!! i was SO happy. even though i woke up with horrible cramps and queeziness. I got alot of cleaning done around the house (if i would have got to vaccumed we could have called it through with housework) I watched The House Bunny. then david and i went out to Olive Garden. we went all out and ordered real food (most of the time we only have the soup salad and breadsticks) I got the mixed grill. while we were waiting they gave out a sample of Berry Sangria..it was the best thing i've ever had alcohol wise. (up to this point my  favorite wine is the special reserve biltmore house chenin blanc or however you spell it) it was like candy. david actually ordered me two of them. i felt good lol I just finished watching nicholas nickelby. I hadn't ever saw it before. it was alright. today has been the most freakin boring day ever. the sun is gone again. and wise david wanted to wait until tommorow to go to my mom and dads and they ended up going to … [Read more...]

“I ain’t seen the sunshine, since I don’t know when”

sheesh. I feel like i havent went anywhere in a year. and the weather just plain ass sucks.i need some SUNSHINE. I am honestly thinking bout printing out some pics of the sun and putting them all over the house lol. I hate this kind of weather... UGH I finally bribed david into going to pizza hut for breadsticks. i'm watching some house and i've been rereading the book "Angus Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging" tommorow i think i might spiff up the site a little bit. like put up comment luv or something. edit some pages. who knows. i can't get nothing else done, might as well :) k so i'm out :) add me on twitter if u haven't already xxpollypocket … [Read more...]

Good Grades & Being married 1 1/2 years

I have been trying to find out my grade for my two  classes since 10 a/m this morning. wouldn't you just know that Blackboard & the school website has been down all day. then I tried to call the phone system but it only had grades for spring semester. Finally around 5 p/m I found out i made an A in Emerging (no suprise) and a B in transcription which was a big suprise. I thought that i would barely make an D so i'm so happy :) today is also david & mines one year and a half marriage anniversary. I swear that it doesnt seem that it has been that long. i'm trying to bribe david with a back massage for that mcdonalds lol. ok more latter ng … [Read more...]

cold rainy and B-L-A-H

thats just the way it is around here lol. you'd think i'd be used to it from when I was away at school...where it snowed ALL THE TIME. but then again I slept all the time back then. starting to do that now too. oh well not like i've got that much to do anyways ....no school till sometime in mid january (maybe the 13th or so? not really sure) I am craving mcdonalds right now but david wont budge to go get me any. I just want a carmel sundae and some fries so bad. it is raining and i refuse to drive in rain. at night. or most anytime for that mater lol so i guess no luck there. I still don't know my final grades. well emerging tech will prob be an A. i already had like a 90 before the final so you know it wouldnt take much on the final to push me on to a 93. I turned in my final for transcription ...last week so she could grade it before everyone rushed to get it in last night, but she still hasnt graded it. and thats the one i'm worried about. it never fails that the one i worry about … [Read more...]

baby fever

I am really really wanting to get pregnant right now. I ain't getting any younger  my friends. plus, with all of my health problems the sooner the better. who knows if I can even get pregnant you know? I really want a baby within the next year or so ..i'm gonna be 25 and I don't want to be having kids late in life. Most of you that come here , don't know some of the things from  my past. back in january 2005 i'm 99% sure that I had a miscarriage. It would have been Jason's baby. (back then there was a jason & a mark and latter on a tim) mark was a control freak, jason was like my best friend with advantages and I dated tim for almost 1 year. anyways, sometimes i wonder about all the problems that i have now and if they aren't because of some of the things that happened back then. well more latter. i'm trying to get some stuff done around the house & eat some salad & watch days of our lives here in a lil while ng … [Read more...]