picture i am very proud of

i took this yesterday evening. i was sitting around doing hw, and wondered why it suddlenly had a red glow outside. I just quickly grabbed my camera and ran outside in my socks... I only wish that it hadnt been raining and i could have moved further out...and that i could have turned up my Megapixels and my sunset mode on. but for something that was quickly captured. I am most proud. i think iwill print it out. i am using it for my desktop theme as well lol. i try to print a pic or two every week to keep my ink from drying up :) … [Read more...]

And the graduation process has begun..

I just spent an hour running my petition for graduation around at school(community college btw) I had to take it to three different places and fill out all these little BS surveys. (i guess thats why they just dont send it on themselves!) the part that irks me though is i'm not particpating in commencement, but i still had to pay a 45 buck fee! one of my friends even told me that they will send a cap and gown for me and everything. i was like WHY? i dont need it lol i also think that i have to pay like 50 bucks for my degree. i mean as though they havent gotten enough out of me / my parents in the last gazillion years? (this is the post i made at flourish and at lavish lol) went to the good will and got a pair of fake crocs(i mean who cares they pretty with jewels lol), a kitchen maid silicone sink thing(awesome i will take a pic) it had been 20 bucks at target and i paid 2 bucks for it, and i got a post it note dispenser in pink and white. i got this thing for my purse at the dollar … [Read more...]

oh yeah i’m a machine

i got 9 of my next 14 documents done yesterday... proud of me. i know you are lol. I actualy should be listening right now because shes telling us about the magazine article in two colums and 3 of the 5 I have left are those.. eh i will figure it out. my mom is gonna pick me up sometime another between 9-9:15 so we can do our weekly business. i have to go do something with my petition to graduate (not really sure as to what, because i'm not doing a formal graduation. ok i'm gonna see if ican grab her book and write what she wrote so maybe i can figure this out. i'll update lates ng … [Read more...]


I spent ALL Day yesterday gettin those 14 documents done .. it was a mess i'm telling you. I dont want to ever be in that sittuation ever again. I am actually gonna try my hardest to start on the next unit tonight and format them tommorow that way robyn can help me look at them for errors I came home and shadow scared me to the ends of the earth he was hobbling around on 3 of his paws. I kept thinking he was trying to hit at duke, but i was like why is he walking like that. then i noticed the way he was like holding it, and i started thinking he broke his arm! after closer inspection i noticed he had his claw hooked up around his collar. *relief* funny now but i was like OMG my baby lol I got my medical office basic certificate in the mail today so that was nice. I have to make another trip to the main campus to pick up my petition for graduation...I hate going over there. well i say this now, but as far as i know updates will be resuming to a more regular pace around here. I need to … [Read more...]

anyone help me?

anyone that is good with grammar or formatting doccuments let me know. i'm in a bad spot with where i got sick, and then that girl went psycho. i'm behind on my hw, and it is due tuesday morning at 8 a/m anyways I am feeling better and if i ever get my documents squared away and my house work going i'll be able to do better updates … [Read more...]

anyone around

were u all scared of the email posts lol. anyways not alot going on here. trying to get some of my work done around the house, and my school work. i'm sooooo behind its insane david and I are doing well, contrary to someone who tried to throw him up in a fight. stupid crap lol. well i swear i'll do a real update soon. i really dont have inspiration to write right now with everything i'm trying to rush to get done. hope to see you all around though! … [Read more...]