still not better but eh here i am

I am so behind you all and i apologize i have been busy for a few days, then i got sick. I still dont feel 100% but i'm getting there. I have got some pictures up on flickr of the snow (not really good pics but you know) anyways i got a ton of 365 pics up and i need to go around and comment and catch up with everyone. i will try to get that done in the next couple of days. and make a real post ha ha xo xo ng … [Read more...]

i have a cold

I have a nasty cold (suprise, suprise) though i havent had one in 2 months. anyways thats where I please dont delete me or forget about me xo ng … [Read more...]

a real update(continuation of inlaw post)

sorry for the lack of updating/ commenting (I was doing so good ) I just really havent been on the last few days. and I havent really had anything to blog about either lol. thanks for all the comments about my hateful inlaws. i'm suprised they even gave us anything for the wedding.(of course my parents and both of their families pretty much paid and took care of everything) I think david and I bought about 100 bucks of stuff at garden ridge, the double heart wilson invites at walmart, and my boquet. the 100 bucks of stuff was what my mom used to make the rest of the boquets decorations,party favors, garter,flower girl baskets, presents for my wedding party,etc the really sad part is they didnt officialy decide to come until the friday before our wedding (we got married on fathers day) my programs were already made (my mom made those as well) now i'm not going to lie to you. david and I got married out of state. but these people had MULTIPLE offers for rides,etc; david even said that … [Read more...]

flourish mb

I am a moderator at flourish message board now ( you should go join (i'm pollypocket) we are a very close knit message board. everyone there is awesome and I look forward to helping out over there. … [Read more...]