i'm glad to know that i'm not the only one who thought that the whole bday sittuation was jacked up. i am so depressed lately. I am longing for the days that have past. when i felt like I was loved and needed. now i just feel like i'm someones problem. I don't know what to do. i've talked till i'm blue in the face. it doesnt do any good. I just don't know what is going on. thanks to ALL of you who commented on my last entry. i will be around to comment at your all sites tonight/tommorow and to all the new commenters i'm gonna link you :) that will also be done by sunday. (i dont know why i get slack on getting new links up. its not that hard lol) i want to go out to eat. and having a husband who screwed me up on my bday you'd think he'd get a clue..but i'm sure he wont so he'll be having spaghetti...which he hates while i finish the wings my mom made me lol. more latter. peace and love y'all ng … [Read more...]


from bad to worse

well my birthday went from bad to worse. david was being all snappy (like um wtf is new) but he just was being an ass. I even drank a bottle of peach sparkletini and hoped we'd be together if you know what i mean. then he still started running his mouth so we didnt end up doing nothing he didnt get me a card. never said happy birthday. NOTHING then had the nerve to tell me it was because i probably wont get him anything for his birthday! i mean wtf is that shit? no i dont have alot of money to go out and buy something because i dont work. but i always end up with a little money and i do what i can with it. so now he has sucessfully for 3 bdays not gotten me one thing. we didnt anything for our one year anniversary, nothing for christmas, and nothing for vday or bday. yeah i am happy as hell we havent been together if you know what i'm saying since BEFORE we went to tn, so its been well over a month. eh. i dont wanna keep rehashing this today, so i'm out for now he'll be home soon. … [Read more...]

happy birthday

to me..happy birthday to me.. *stops singing* anyways yes its my birthday. am i happy? no. I haven't gotten anything and it doesnt look like i am, but i never have had a good birthday..so whats the use in starting now. i guess i sound bitchy, or pessismistic or whatev but it is the truth. my dad sold my white car, so yes i made 500 bucks but I have to save that back. our rent went up to 425 so that sucks. we barely make it now. well more latter . you all have a happy karen nichole day since I wont :( … [Read more...]

the day before

Still not excited about my birthday lol david went to get an inspection sticker on my car on saturday. instead of going to the place my parents/I have always went he had to do it his way. he took it to some joe blow smoe and they found all this stuff that was supposedly wrong with my car. which of course my dad is a mechanic and keeps my car up pretty much. so david knew they were full of it. they had a list of repairs a mile long. talkin bout tires,belts, lights, bleeding the brakes, all kindsa crap and the dumbasses even said my signal lights were out.when in fact my signal lights on that car aren't even where they were looking! and they POPPED out my lights instead of doing it correctly and david lost one of them going down the road! and the other one would have fell off as well if he hadn't checked. so anyways we did switch some tires around . and that was all the problem we had. anyways i got my sticker, or lack there of (nc doesnt do stickers anymore/?? i dont get it either) ok … [Read more...]

another day successfully wasted

woke up around 11. watched tv. played online.folded some clothes.watched more tv. played online.. want to take a nap. you get my drift. ugh wtf is wrong with me?? i know i know i need to go back to the god foresaken health dept for a checkup but I don't want to. somehow i owe them 50 bucks (do not know. they are money grubbers I swear. my mom paid right at 200 bucks for an exam they said would be like 100 soo..) I will eventually scare myself into going. but sometimes i think whats the point. i'm happy now, and why ruin it with more bad news now honestly i'm not going to lie. I think that i still have abnormal cells. how many and to what degree I don't know. I tried to go off the pill, but then i started bleeding to no end. I went back on the pill and seemingly bled two freakin months. then last week when i was gonna start a new pack of pills i quit bleeding all on my own. so who knows. I am so depressed anyways. I know people are like big deal so what your turning 25. well i … [Read more...]