yes, i have been sick. again~

Friday night I decided to drink a little more than usual which proved not to be a wise decision. actually it might not be how much i drank but what i drank i was drinking vodka and gin and crown. most of that night is a blur, and from the pieces that i remember i am glad that it is a blur. saturday I just thought i was hungover. then i started hurling up alcohol and then it was just throwing up. see i am trying not to go into details. my parents felt sorry for me while david was gone to take his brother home and came and brought me broth, crackers,juice, ginger ale and ginger,jello,water. and stayed here for 2 hrs. i stayed sick the rest of the day, sunday, yesterday and i still am queezy today. so must not have been just the drinking. to address the whole condom thing. well i didnt find it in the actual lent trap. i found it when i took the actual lent trap out,down inside the vent or whatever. like i say it is the same kind that i used when i was having problems because the health … [Read more...]

again? are u kidding me?

well blue hell we just cannot win with the money sittuation because my husband is an IDIOT. or maybe I am. or maybe we both are I don't know. good thing we'll be moving soon! heres the latest. I checked the bank to see how much money we had. why i even bother anymore I have NO idea. it just brings me down. looks like david spent 40 bucks BOWLING with scott last weekend. what the blue hell!>? yeah... that brings me to another rant. now i have been married for almost 2 years. things arent as interesting as they might have once been for me and david . I will be the first to admit that we need some spice in our life. but what married man needs to go hang out with the boys every damn friday and saturday night (ok not every but for the past 3 weekends this time around) and not just one night, both nights..till 3:30 AM! yeah. one weekend they went to a club, which i found out through the online banking. i knew he went bowling I just didnt know it was that much! well he had his last … [Read more...]

school is driving me crazy!

I just got through doing 14 documents and 13 drills or something like that. well the thing is I have no successfully turned in 5 units of homework, some timed writings and a couple of tests. this is since january. and i don't have ANY grades. and it is starting to get on my nerves! this is the last class i have to take. honestly as long as i make a 70 and pass I don't really care. but. it would be nice to know that i am passing before the withdrawal audit date! I mean i have had this same teacher before and she has been the same way. but this class is extra stressful. each document counts as a grade and i have turned in close to 100. and on top of that if there is even as much as ONE error on a document then that document is a ZERO! so you can see why i'm worried right now i'm in distress because we generally have had about 2 weeks on each unit. and these have been short basic documents like tables and reports. the latest one is on LEGAL documents and they are omg hard and we have … [Read more...]

dreary weather again?

my cold/allergy hasn't exactly decided what it wants to do yet! ugh. and now it is RAINING..sooo.. not fun not fun I need to clean up my RSS and get around to everyones sites and comment.. I have a couple of new link exchanges. the girls at exquisite mb are the bestest i swear. my parents are going to my grandmas this weekend. david and I haven't been since the wedding. well i mean i went last year for the yardsale, but we haven't both been since the wedding. I guess after we move in with my parents we'll be more into going. its just hard with having duke to really go anywhere speaking of all that.. we think davids friend scott is going to keep duke and shadow while we are living with my parents. that way we can visit and then get them back. not sure about that though. i got in touch with 3 of my former best friends on myspace yesterday. we didn't have fights or anything...just lost touch. so that was neat. I swear i love my high speed internet. my mom still has dialup, and it is … [Read more...]

cold/allergy oh my!

Today I slept until 11:30 vs my usual 10/10:30 because I was just sleeping so well! plus when i was up this morning making davids lunch i was achooing everywhere and sniffing..and just generally had that i'm getting something feeling. I am feeling a little bit better now, since i have ate and am getting ready to get my butt in gear and take a shower, clean in the kitchen and wash some clothes! I still think that it is a good idea to use the web to research when you have symptoms of any kind of disease or illness, especially if you are looking for Cures for Ailments that might be readily helped if you look them up online. I found alot of helpful information surfing the web for my ailments and treatments for the symptoms when I was having my Hpv/Cervical Cancer/Dysplasia drama. I also use the web to find out things for use in my medical office classes because we often have to answer discussion boards pertaining these types of things. Cures for ailments and treatments for symptoms are … [Read more...]

the weirdest day

today has been a weird day... my mom ended up coming over today to take me to the store (I would have prefered tommorow, but can't complain I suppose) she got here around 9:30. I was out in the middle of the yard looking for my cell phone that fell out of my pocket while walking duke (as huge as this phone is, I don't see how i wouldnt have realized it) so after i found that we went over to the school to pay my printing bill where i printed way over 125 pages last week that i'm allowed. well they don't have the overages sheet yet so i can't pay it. then we went to the library so my mom could get some kind of information on some kind of online geneaology site we went to walmart and i got a few things we needed at home like laundry detergent and dish soap... went to goodwill .. ok this is where i need to back up and tell you something from yesterday. yesterday I watched roseanne, as i do alot after I get home from class its the only thing on basicly(i only get regular tv) anyways … [Read more...]