we want food!!

davids check actually did go in on time..so that big transfer I did was pointless..and hasn't even showed up yet which freaks me out. i mean how if they transfered the money to the wrong account because someone miss typed a # or something?? ugh! if i don't have it tommorow I will call. actually i should call and see if i can cancel it, but i doubt that I can so since david got paid we will probably be going out to eat. either applebees longhorn or ruby tuesdays. we would go to olive garden but unless you order the soup salad and breadsticks, it gets pretty expensive fast! i dont care if we eat at mcdonalds or zaxbys ..just as long as i get some food in me! i think we have pretty much decided to move. ugh. sometimes i think its great idea, sometimes not so much. the only reason my mom and i get along so well at this point is because i only see the woman 2x a week. but i think since i'm married and she knows she cant control a married woman things should be ok. i think. ahum. i left a … [Read more...]

money problems are here again

I knew we were gonna be a little short on the utility bill. but david usually gets paid on tuesday, we figured the bill would also go through tuesday, so no big deal. well something was wrong with the phone at davids work and so they didnt get the payroll send through on time so thats pushing us a day or two behind (AGAIN) getting davids pay so i am rushing around like a mad woman. I only had 45 in cash, which i gave david to run to the bank. our bill was 60 bucks, so i was trying to conjur money up out of the woodwork. i called bank of america to get a pin# for my credit card..and found out that they had to mail it to me. i was like ok well that doesnt help (and the fact its 20% interest on the cash advances done that way) then they tell me they can transfer it to my checking for only 7.5% i'm like um well that won't help i dont have bank of america anymore. well turns out they can transfer it to ANY checking account so i had them do it. the only thing is the minimum amount is 500 … [Read more...]

rain rain PLEASE go away

it has been raining since thursday, and it has turned cool outside. I HATE IT!! i cannot get anything done. I was doing so well... I find humor in some odd places ya'll for example my mom has her family history website that I help her out with. anyways she's ventured out into some webgroups (yahoo groups) and she's been sharing info and getting info finding family all that good stuff well she sent out a message requesting info on a particular set of family members, because she has had some problems with figuring out a few things. she gets an email back... and when i'm reading it i'm like ah someone else has a wordpress about our family (it had been copy pasted directly from the page) well when i got to the bottomn it was showing all the page names on the site. and then it said what theme was being used. all the while i'm sitting here like OMG this is SO familiar the person went to my moms site and copy pasted info and sent it back to her! and my mom has her links posted at the … [Read more...]

do not wake me up

UGH. David called & woke me up talking bout I could give shadow to the people next door if we move. excuse me.you wake me up to talk about giving my cat away?? wtf/?? then hes like oh i don't want to move until the end of next month. excuse me but why even bother. oh i don't know i a m just so aggravated. i need to clear out my RSS feeder and go comment on some sites suppose? today my big plans are wash some dishes/clothes, do something to my huge hair, clean out shadows box i did about 11 of my 14 documents yesterday..and get this they arent due until next tues!! ok more latter ng … [Read more...]

i’m up early on a saturday again

yes, i'm up at 6 something (almost 7 now) on a saturday. I just saw the school bus go by (and no i'm not seeing things) these kids had to go to school on saturday until 12 to make up snow days! I wouldnt even send my child to that. its BS. anyways david is fine with living with my parents now. its the only way we are EVER gonna get credit cards paid off. now don't get me wrong. we are not behind on any of our bills, we never have been. but we are living paycheck to paycheck and its getting to be to stressful Shadow, will have to become an outdoor meow, unless by some miracle my mom changes her mind and will let him in the house. we have offered to have him declawed & fixed if he can just stay inside. this is the main reason we haven't told them one way or the other we will stay or not. i know that shadow will be happy outside, and i shouldn't be selfish but i've had him for 2 years soo..its just hard up until the point duke bit my mom (and for NO reason at that) i know my … [Read more...]

nichole needs psychological help

Last night while david was at scotts i looked up one of my ex-guys on myspace. just to be nosey, because he never had a myspace when we were together. anyways I found him. it looks like he has been having a blast without me. looks like he's doing some poor girl the way that he did me though. lots of pictures of her, and her kid..but he says hes still single. anyways i cant believe he got a myspace. or a digital camera. or that he's traveling around places having fun. I mean i guess its not really a shock. I didnt suppose that he would be sitting around pining for me after two years. this is the guy who was so psychologicaly damaging to me. he treated me fine i suppose but he kept me where he wanted me and got all the benefits he wanted from me, without having the title of a boyfriend.. anyways for 2 years I hadnt really given him much thought. this is the guy who took my virginity (TMI??) but anyways I have ALWAYS hated him for that. and the circumstances that were around … [Read more...]