all settled

here I am here I am! lol so sunday we moved the majority of what was left. my parents came with the truck and got the bed and some of the larger things. david and i moved some things in the car. then we went back and my parents took some more and david and i took some more. then we came back here got things settled and went and ate. my mom saw shadow when she was getting something out from under the floor before she came to my house but then we didnt see him anymore. monday my mom and i went to the thrift shops (they sucked, didnt have anything!) then we went to the grocery store. still no shadow tuesday we went up to my house. i had to go to school and then we spent three more hours on top of that (a total of 4) cleaning up my house and getting the remainder of my stuff. i had my gas shutoff (they were fast they came while i was still there!) when i got through there i had to go get my name changed at the utility place (so when my deposit comes it comes in my married name)I also … [Read more...]

hack hack hack times one million still got this nasty shit. I sound like a freaking frog when i talk. and i get fevers and get all sweaty then i start freezing. but at least my throat isnt as sore and i can kind of swallow. i am in the worst moods though. everything and everyone is on my nerves. stress and hormones i suppose. i am so beyond agravated about getting rid of duke. i dont care that he is going back to his original family. i love this dog. LOVE LOVE LOVE him and i want him. thanks for all the comments lately. makes it worth me getting online i can get an ego puff. well just wanted to drop a few lines here. gonna find me something to eat and prob go to sleep...but i'll catch u lates ng … [Read more...]

don’t roll over and die of shock

hack hack hack. thats all i'm doing lol seriously vicks cough drops are awesome but by the 5th one i start feeling kinda drugged! I want some ricola but we don't have any. gonna have to go get some I suppose. my parents did actually get a load of stuff yesterday. i mean don't roll over in shock like i did lol.. they ended up taking my dresser, my chest,and some random boxes and stuff. they were supposed to take the coffee table and the chinese formal table. and my desk.soo. i was like why the hell are they taking the little stuff that will fit in my car? but you know whatever. its their ancient gas guzzling f250 truck they will have to make 1-2 more trips in lol they actually stopped by here today on their way home from the flea market and took some more random stuff. i'm supposed to go play pool tonight but i am feeling like freakin trash..i honestly would probably go if it were just me and david but he's meeting scott there and well i'd like to leave sometime at a decent … [Read more...]

H3lp? can I haz it? pls??

that is all i am asking for. a little help. this whole moving thing was basically because of my mom offering to let us live there so cheap. and she was all excited about it. so would it be so hard for the woman to HELP? I am WORE OUT. physically.emotionally.mentally. I am beginning to think I have made the wrong choice here. if she is acting like this now, just imagine living there. or even more so, when we have to move again. my allergies are horrible. i am taking my medicine,but on top of all this i've developed some kind of lung infection/sore throat and i swear i believe I am going to cough up a lung at any moment. I have packed. i have rearranged. I have straightened up. i have carried very heavy shit down my stairs. since monday morning at 9.a.m. they are supposed to come get my dresser,chest,chinese formal table, coffee table and desk this evening. so we'll see. anyways. i am out..gonna go nap for a few while i have a chance. david and i might go out this evening..i'm so … [Read more...]

lets settle rumours. i am still alive.

oh dear god. when was the last time i updated? if we would have had school during the last week I would have been more able to update. oh well. we have school today so here I am. I don't barely get online anymore...i am so out of it from packing and such. so please forgive me if i havent been to your site and commented in the last week. and forgive me if i don't make it by for another week or so (even though i plan to make the most of my time here in class and get to everyones site!) anyways... i have been packing my little ass off. most of it I am doing myself because my mom has better things to do apparently and david just drives me mad. soo.. i am pretty well out of it. and the fact that i got about 2 hrs of sleep last night. ha.yeah. only thing really interesting that has happened to me was last saturday david and i went and played pool and i actually got a little tipsy in public... ok well this was kind of pointless yes. i just want to check in with everyone.... more … [Read more...]

formulate !

I have been freaking trying to formulate a post since saturday lol basically i spent friday/sat/sunday at my parents cleaning things up in my old room and the guest bedroom. i have finally realized i have a freaking too huge obssession with BOOKS. especially childrens books. you know for that day i'm a teacher. or that child i hope to one day yesterday my mom came over here and we straightened up in the kitchen a little bit and packed up almost know except food and a few things to use for the next couple weeks. i am trying to get ahead on my hw, i have typed like 7 or 8 of my documents (there are 10) they aren't due until the 21st which gives me like 2 weeks and thats why I just can't seem to get them done lol.which i mean i need to because I need to concentrate on packing and such. i am not getting any sleep at all lately. well either that or i'm going to bed at 6 getting up at 10 and staying up till 1 a.m or crap like that which isnt helping! I need REAL … [Read more...]