video post

ok i copied jenn from i know i have funny facial and eye expressions. enjoy and let me know what you think ng … [Read more...]

i was gonna do what?

I was gonna go put something pretty something to my troll hair and go lay on davids truck hood and have my mom take pics of me (LOL) but now she's running around outside with the lawn mower with rollers in HER hair so I guess I won't worry about it now today has been a dragging day. I mean honestly had I known we werent going to go anywhere or do anything today I would have slept about another hour or so. its clouding up theres no way i'm trying to straighten my hair. thats just a waste of time. i am trying to find out what a PZP file is and how to open it? if you know, please let me know. well i'm out again. … [Read more...]

New Section and Stuff

I put up a new section last night "graphics folio" I have made this and that on and off for many years. alot of things have gotten lost because they were backed up on cd's and the cd's are scratched really bad. anyways the things I put up were some recent things i did for exquisite message board themes. like i said i'm no graphics genius..but I am proud of what I do. @Kecia omg ..i cannot believe your mom and the cake! the thing that happened with my cake is when it got cut the freaking two top pieces got cut and the huge bottomn piece got we have had cake at my moms and at our house ever since! then there were so many odd things that happened at my I thought my mom was going to go to the store today...but apparently i am wrong. I just want to get out of the house. Davids truck is back home :) and he has a few things to work out on it but at least it runs... well i'm out for now....more latter i'm sure … [Read more...]

ramble ramble

it is so hot outside. hot and VERY humid..its ick! I am on the self healing computer right now lol. makes me wish it would have self healed before i spent the money on a laptop! eh I wanted one anyways :) i got a wireless keyboard but the stupid thing didnt have the piece that you use to conect it to the computer soo thats not doing me any good. i wish that stupid thrift shop would keep their electronics with their cords and misc other parts.. my hair is having a weird moment. it wont hold water at all. like its perma dry and driving me nuts....because I dont feel like straightening it with all of the rain thats going on. I thawed out my wedding cake lol it tastes ok to be 2year old cake. I am hungry out of my mind. and i dont know what my mom is making for dinner. david will be home in a few minutes. i really wish the people that were going to come wire his ignition thing up would come do it. my dad wont do it because he's afraid to screw it up lol anyways i've rambled enough :) … [Read more...]

cake, he past and i still want some cake

I am pissed off as hell right now... I was gonna eat the last piece of angel food cake with some cool whip..of course by the time i got to it it was gone. I wouldnt be SO pissed if this hadnt happened like 10x in the last 3 days.. so i am having a cake craving problem. david doesnt have his phone with him or i'd have him stop and pick me up something on his way home and speaking of david.. he sure does spend a whole lot of time with his parents lately. *rolls eyes* oh i'll let that one go for tonight. i have been thinking about writing a series of posts about things from my past that most of you all don't know about..simply because most of us only go back a few months/a year or so. the only reason i want to write them is to clear my mind of a few things...i dont know. we'll see how it goes. … [Read more...]