wore the hell out. that is the best way to describe me lately. being wore the hell out makes me not want to do anything, and makes me extremely ILL. it also makes my head hurt. why am I so tired? well it is summer time...I generally don't sleep well in the summer. also I got back from my grandmothers late last sunday evening (after being gone since thursday) and then had to get up at 6 to get ready to go next door to watch the bfh (brat from hell) then i spend 12 hours with that boring child and have to get up the next morning and do it again. soo thats basically where i've been lately. I will TRY to get by to comment everyone tonight/tommorow but I can't promise. just please dont forget me! ng … [Read more...]


I am seriously going to cuss the next person who spams my blog out. its always the same freaking entries... the ones about duke especially piss me off. i mean wtf? anyways I didn't blog for two weeks or so... did a video post ...and got one comment. so thank you fee for commenting...I got caught up on all of my commenting before i went away. anyways... just wanted to write a few lines. might be around to comment everyone sometime this weekend.. dont really know. not much in a net mood this week for some reason... latter ng … [Read more...]


duke II

First of all I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who commented on the video post. They meant alot to me. I did some investigating. It would cost a small fortune to get him back, and then I have to get him a whole batch of shots, ie even more money. and then i'd have to find him another temporary home. and thats even if hes still among the living (isn't that horrible to say?) its just a big mess. I have NO clue why they gave him away to us, then just as soon as david and I start to find him a temporary home while we are living here she jumps at the chance to keep him for us. I never did have the best feeling about it, but I was in a pinch. I had put him in the trader paper for 100 bucks but we'd already decided we wanted to get him back one day and he was already with robyn by the time people started to call about him. had i known the drama i would have sold him. at least he would have had a chance at being happy From the day she gave duke away to us, she did nothing but lie. … [Read more...]

hey! sorry I went so long with out updating but i've been distracted as usual lol. I had a yardsale on saturday. only made 40 bucks.. eh that sucked. when i have another I will make the trip to my grandmas to have it. i made 225 when i had it last year. she made 175 the same day!...and she just had another 300 day! so definantly worth the trip sunday i went out with david in his truck. we went out and ate some longhorn... that was pretty nice. i really needed to get out. monday tuesday and today arent really anything to speak of. i have been laying out trying to get a tan. ha ha .. thanks for all the comments on my video blog. I will probably do another. and i finally got all my pics up on flickr. more latter ng … [Read more...]