I am still around…


ay ay ay. goodness the last two days have just been WEIRD. I Woke up on friday morning (after not sleeping AT ALL) to a scene much like this my crazy parents have decided to take out their fireplace to put in a buck stove ( I don't have a picture of it right off, so if you don't know what that is ..lol its basically a stove that will heat the whole house) anyways its crazy. my mom swore up and down i wouldnt have to take my books out of my shelf, because they didnt have to take out the side wall and all this and that. so wouldn't you just know. so their mess caused me to have to make this mess There is part 2 of that pic on flickr. and thats only like a fraction of all my books! so i spent all day friday supervising this mess. and basically all day yesterday too. i was supposed to go eat and to movies with david but he was in an ass mode mood so i was like well screw it all. plus i spent a while having to put things back in the bookshelf.. ugh. so i have had a very boring 2 days. i … [Read more...]

ex’s and phones

I found an myspace message from one of my "ex's" (more detailed explaination, ,he was my best friend, just we had "advantages") anyways, i was setting up my myspace mail account (xxpollypocket@myspace.com) and there it was. from right after david and I got engaged (ie, i gave EVERYONE in my past up because they were guys and all that crap) well it was talking about even though we were engaged he still wanted to be friends and visit and talk on the phone and stuff (we were more friends than anything, just so you know) and he even signed it Love Ya, Mean Beam. in the 3 years i knew him he never said those words or even wrote them to me. I guess now i know he really did care and want me to be happy. mean beam was my nickname for him, and i couldnt believe he wrote that. i do wish i could still be friends with him. i mean if only to message eachother or say hi on the phone. lately david has told me if i want to talk to any of them it would be ok, but I have mixed feelings on the … [Read more...]

evil lil pills

I got the truck back for david. not like i was in need of the money right now, or that even I could be that mean. i mean really ...i would have had to live with that the rest of my life. and david wouldnt have ever shutup about it lol. my period has really taken it out of me this time. but I have decided ONE MORE TIME to go off of the pill. seriously. i don't care if I dont bleed. I have got to get off these little devils and theres no time like the present. i mean i have been on them like...5 years straight this time? that cannot be good. plus i am only on them to make my periods right, not because I don't want a kid. because I have baby fever again. ughhhh. i am trying to be more active on commenting, finding new affilates and all that ... i think i'm doing good. :) i am trying to find some places to do paid blogging but really havent got anything good yet. well i just wanted to do a quick update. more later. ng … [Read more...]

well..what to do?

I know most of you remember that davids grandpa gave him his 1970 Ford F-100 Truck, back in may. david decided to trade for that stupid chevy truck, and I was never happy about it, and i said that david would regret it. well he does. of course he doesnt have the chevy anymore either. but anyways he has been seeing the error of his ways for quite sometime now. and he actually has the chance to buy the truck back. the problem? well he doesnt have any money, even though he just sold the other ford truck he had last week, because we paid off the computer and most of the best buy card. so what does he want to do? borrow the 500 bucks i got from selling my car in feb I don't want to be the cause of him not getting that back, but i also think he needs to learn a lesson. see the guys that he traded this truck to were freakin crooked as hell ...they are guys that him and my dad work with. my dad told him to start with it was bad news. i just found out david traded his truck, all the parts … [Read more...]


I started using flock again, and am getting ready to get everyones site put in my RSS feed :) anyways, flock is SO much faster than IE and even faster than safari, so yay, i'm all set now :) started using my pads that i made. had to get my mom to make a few more, because i didnt have very many lol...but so far they are working so well :) my closet and dresser are a wreck. the closet i think could invoke bodily harm if the door was opened on my side. ugh. my period really takes it out of me though...plus i've been sleeping wackier than usual since last friday night.. I don't know if my parents are going out of town this weekend or what. I know my mom really doesn't want to go back up there for the 3rd or 4th weekend in a row. I really want her NOT to go because we are supposed to go have my yardsale next weekend or the next...and then she wont want to do that because she really will be tired!ughhh i got a TON of books at one of the thrift shops today..and a really nice jansport … [Read more...]

T-Mobile Broadband BEBES :)

We are now using T-Mobile Broadband. It is a tad bit slower than the AT&T was but the usage #'s are much more accurate. plus T-Mobile hasn't switched over to the 3G network yet. as the guy at the store said it will just be getting better :) Now I am waiting to get the 100 bucks we paid for the AT&T modem back. (We paid in cash.how stupid of us right?) Now we have to have a check mailed to us because it was over 50 bucks. the only thing was we would have got the whole 100 back on a rebate. now with T-mobile i have actually had to spend 50! lol. but it works so can't complain I could complain about verizon till the end of all time. I dont think i should have to pay the 175 cancellation fee. its their damn fault it wouldnt work! but hell it will all work out in the end. my usuage had just reset on Thursday (13th) the internet was seriously down about all day. I might have been on a little friday on the mac b4 we took it back, but the saturday and sunday we werent on at all. so in that … [Read more...]