chest pains. a sick cat. more DS drama. lol

I am having chest pains. I had ran out to the grocery store with my mom and they started then. they come and go. kinda weird. not very settling. Shadow is not well either. he's very weak, and wobbly. I have checked him for wounds/blood and haven't found anything. we think he might have ate something that made him sick, or he stayed out all night or something. he just barely raises his lil head when i come outside. the neighbors have a dog that looks just like DUKE!! not my crazy ones, the ones on the other side through the woods. made me so sad for duke! it has been raining here since..well right close to forever. today it has been relatively sunny though. sorry I haven't been on to blog/comment i have been helping my mom with her stuff most of the week. then yesterday i went to davids parents with him (its better than being stuck here i tell u) me & my DS drama. I took back the DSI because I wanted to save some money. (DSI is 169, DS lite is 129)plus I didnt need the camera/music … [Read more...]


ugh. its so boring around here today. I am very sleepy, because of the DREARY weather we have had for almost a week... saturday was pretty dull. yesterday was pretty dull. you get the basic picture. my parents were at m y grandma's and my uncle went up there this weekend as well. well my uncle was supposed to send me three rolls of wedding pictures that he had found and got developed but he had an emergency sittuation thats pretty sad he works for this guy as his security guard at his fancy schmancy farm, for a long time now. he gets 100 bucks a night everytime he goes over there and works. well this guy went away on a hunting trip and turns out he was allergic to bee stings. he got stung by one yellow jacket and only one time and he DIED. how sad is that? i think it is soo crazy and soo sad anyways i really dont have anything else to say right now, so ciao ng … [Read more...]

oh em gee did we actually go have fun?

seriously. david and I were already fighting before he came home from work, because everytime my parents go away he gets the notion that he needs to bring his brother over here...if you follow me on twitter you already saw all my tweets about this and i'm just gonna not take up anymore of my blog to write about that. we ended up going to eat at fire house subs, which was awesome and more close to the subs i get when i got up north. i got this chopped up chicken breast and it was AWESOME. when david and i first went out we went to this upscale little bar not very far from his house/or my house. well we are always close to that place, but we haven't ever went back. I had some kryptonite rita thingy and an X-rated passion. there are pics on flickr (which i will be taking down and moving to daily booth, they are kind of dark) but that kryptonite thing was HUGE. david got all purple drinks and i didn't like either of them. so then we go to the movies higher than a kite off of the … [Read more...]


hi everyone I have decided that I am going to keep my pink DSI and yes it is the one with a camera. two actually and a music player too. though why I need something with another music player/camera I don't know lol. I might take it back and get the lite...but either way I will have one :) David & I went to gamestop last night and i got the clique came (kinda like the book series)...oddly enough it just came out august 25th and they already marked it down to 14.99...and even odder theres another clique game coming out this weekend! anyways i liked what i've played so far. while writing this blog i went and checked the mail, and dear god BBT is getting ready to loose me as a customer in i'm saying my account is about to be CLOSED. that is my bank, in case you were wondering. all the hell we ever do is overdraft which is BS because I know for a fact we had the money this time,because davids check is in.. so a somehow we overdrafted TWICE so 16 in purchases now has ended up costing … [Read more...]

much like the poltergeist..i’m here!

Well I had planned to do a v-log but i can't ever get the chance to be alone enough to do it! I still so feel like an idiot when i'm trying to do it lol. plus I was SO sick last week. cold like ugh. still not quite over it but at least i'm feeling like a human again. nothing all that exciting been happening with me... I took the ds lite back on friday because I couldn't make up my mind about it (and the fact i really wanted the DSI) well we were in gamestop on saturday and they had a display for a PINK dsi (i had only saw them in blue and black) turns out they came out with pink & white ones yesterday. well david was saying if i wanted one he'd get me one, whatever. just wait till he got paid on tues. well he ended up letting me go to bestbuy and get it yesterday but he got an attitude about it. i mean its fine for him to buy a 300 ps3 but i want something thats 170 and i get to feel like i shouldnt get to keep it. UGH the DSI has two cameras, and a music player and is all around … [Read more...]