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I appreciate the people who commented on my last blog, believe me that was one of the most important blogs i ever wrote and anyone who commented well, i will keep that in mind. Anyone who didn't comment on the previous post, feel free to do so. i was hoping to get a few more reactions before i posted again, but I really wanted to post sooo... My parents ended up going away for the weekend. david and i were seriously talking bout going back to wilderness at the smokies if they didnt lol I apologize in advance if my pics dont look that great ... i had the flash off because i was trying to take pics of all the shiny and all had all the glare and stuff. ugh!lol David & I bought a Playstation 3 and A Nintendo DSI lite last night. my DS is pink, with a purple monkey skin on it I got them both used at gamestop, but we ended up having take the PS3 back, because it wouldn't stay turned on when it was laid flat, and then it started cutting off when it was standing up. I wanted … [Read more...]

Rough Spots #1

I am HONESTLY having a rough time right now. I mean I still sound cheery and all that and haven't really let anyone know how i feel (david kind of knows) I am just SO SICK of living with my parents. it only took 4 months but omg I am so about ready to loose my freakin cool.I am so sick i would take ALL the money i have (which isn't all that much but probably enough to make a start) and just leave. (then i wouldnt have a washer/dryer/living room furniture or kitchen table but so what?) I miss my apartment SO MUCH. I miss Duke SO MUCH. I miss shadow living in my house. I miss sleeping late, or whenever i want to. I miss every thing. My mother and I cannot live together for more than a few months at a time now that i'm older, and have been out on my own. it just doesn't work. I knew this from when i came back from school. luckily then i was working, met david and left. She always wants me to do FOR HER. it is ALL ABOUT HER. If i get my laptop out it is do this do that. I know i have … [Read more...]

begining to feel like fall!

I am working on a post about my DV6 Laptop :) I should have that up soon. I just wanted to do a quick update i'm sitting here watching DOOL *days of our lives* and waiting for david to get home. today hasn't been anything special... i helped my mom work on some of her stuff. i feel bad because i know she'd like to have a full membership instead of their two week trial thing but it is like 30 bucks a month! we went to walmart and goodwill while ago. i think i got two books and... maybe that was it. I cant remember I got a virgin mobile phone. i got the new Kyocera XTC phone that they have. it has a full keyboard,camera, music player. I even have text /video/pic/email messages :) i really like their plans but i'm not to keen on the phone. the keys are small. i don't know. i didn't pick it out. david arrived with it on sunday. i dunno .. i just never get the right thing the first time lol. well david should be home shortly. its 3:40. he got off at 3:30 but i … [Read more...]