blogging in my head

hey everyone. i write blog enteries in my head all the time. its too bad i dont post them lol. mom is back from surgery since about 10:15. all is well so far. she is nausous from anesthetic and a little tired. shes taking a nap. someone will prob call and wake her up! u know how that goes I finally mentioned that I dont have my laptop. she thinks its because windows 7 comes out next week and that i wanted a newer computer for me. made me feel a little better anyways. I just wanted to say in response to jenn's comment. she didnt offend me in the least! it really is annoying that we are always selling something or taking something back. alot of it is my fault. i'll get something keep it a few weeks and take it back. I guess it really all started when we sold the compaq! the whole verizon thing /messing up the first dv6 and all that. the only thing i really took back because i didnt want was the macbook!! lol. the whole ds thing i should have just kept the original pink one i … [Read more...]

quick update

things could NOT get any worse. knock on wood. i should not even say stuff like that david broke the screen on the dv6 saturday night. he had a freaking rage blackout because I had bought a new ipod and we couldn't get itunes to work right. so he just flipped. and busted the hell out of my screen. yeah. it sucks. and to replace the screen is 400 bucks.(i didnt get any "accidental" coverage that would have covered damage) (yes he busted it but i could have said it fell or something u know) so its not even practical. so i paid 400 towards a new sony vaio in pink. but guess what. i found out how much we owed on credit cards. and it isn't well. so i guess this thing goes back to best buy tomorrow. what else is new everything always has to go back right? i'm trying to sale my DS as well. davids selling the playstation3. well i just wanted to update real fast. will try to get around and comment soonest. i will have to freaking post on my self healed desktop, so it might not be as … [Read more...]


hey everyone!! this week has been..B-L-A-H I got my period tuesday and like to bled to death. seriously. i was bleeding through pads and ruining my clothes. it wasn't pretty. and i was in major pain. now just remind me why i went off the pill? lol luckily it only lasted for one day, and the next day i was only moderately bleeding, and by thursday it was over.weird. wedneseday i went to the salvation army & good will with my mom. I didn't really end up with anything that I can remember. a couple pairs of sweat pants and some books.. thursday she had to go get some pipe for the buck stove and i went with her. we ended up going to another good will and to tuesday morning(interesting, i'd never been in one of those before) I got a marilyn monroe purse and some books. i need to finish my purse set on flickr. lol. yesterday i went with david to his parents. and we ended up fighting...and it wasn't good. and it still isn't. i just get so fed up with everyone taking their shit out on me … [Read more...]