secret project

I started working on a secret project yesterday. it is something that I have always wanted,and its falling into place like clockwork! it will be hosted by michelle, and i'm going to be working on it with nicole (we have worked on this same thing before) now thats all the hints i'm giving. today has been an adventure omg. we went over to salvation army and goodwill and got a call from the alarm people that our dining room alarm had went off. we were twenty minutes away so i had the police dispatched and we rushed home. there are many panicked tweets on twitter at so you can check them out. thankfully everything was ok, we think one of my moms plants moved and set it off. david & me are going on a real date friday...dont know what has inspired the boy but he preordered our twilight tickets and said we are going to eat at olive garden. so thats cool. i finally got him to agree to go to va, but now my moms being all like oh we arent coming back thursday night. … [Read more...]

Fat Nichole & Her Fat Cat

Please Please Please go to and join!! and put me (pollypocket) as your referer I would APPRECIATE IT GREATLY!!!! you will find a small and very active place to interact. we have stamps to collect! its all fun!!! I know i'm slightly behind on commenting, some of you more than others. I generally go down the list but got a little way layed. plus theres some of you who have commented and i havent made it by. i havent forgotten you... today i cleaned up my room a little, now it needs vaccumed and cleaned out!! and organized lol. but still a vast improvement. i also cleaned my bathroom a little too. my grandma wanted to know how much shadow i went to weigh myself so i could then subtract the difference of what i weighed when i was holding him. um i weigh 133 lbs!! wtf?? thats insane. i gotta do something about it.its no wonder my back hurts and my ribs and all that. and that i feel like crap. i only thought i weighed 120 which was still big a tad for … [Read more...]


good grief. i spend ALL day yesterday and on and off thursday evening working on my stamps on ecstasy lol. still need to make sure everything is straight but i'm basically done. i even made glitter heading s for my trade post! i want to redecorate my myspace and maybe work on some subpages here lol that and about a million other things i keep saying im gonna do. at least it is getting to be that time of the year where i just stay online even more than usual working on various projects lol today is the first day in like a week that the sun has been out!! thankfully! i got my hair cut last week and couldnt even get it straightened because of the weather so i'm wondering what it will look like!! well more latter. and i think i miscounted the christmas card thing.. i only have 4!! fee. jenn. rochelle. damita let me know if your interested. i will send outside of the us :) i will blog more latter. gonna go wash my hair so i can get it dry and get it done :) … [Read more...]

nothing here

hello? is anyone here? lol i'm slacking on commenting myself i suppose so i cant really talk can I? :) nothing is new with me at ALL. i pretty much get up play online, watch tv eat dinner watch more tv and play online and go to bed. i have two more people to put on my christmas list...rochelle and damita!! yay!! that makes 5 I am planning to hunt down my christmas tree and deocrations. my problem is that i'm not sure if they are up in the attic or out in the building..and even though we have attic steps i'm scare of climbing and noone will do it for me! david had bought me a whole bunch of decorations i hadnt even got to use yet boy i'm telling you i really miss having my own house. more latter... … [Read more...]

sundays yawn

boy today is boring. I have made the best of it though. spent most of the day talking to rochelle from EMB. david went to scotts. you know how i feel about that. well then its been a while since i brought him up scott is one of davids friends who is a lot of trouble. he is always high or whatever. david gets in these obssessions where he either hangs out with him forever or he doesnt hang out with him forever. at least he has people from the past that try i suppose. i got a haircut. now if i get my hair straightened i will feel like a human!! my mom is making tacos. hee hee. well sorry to cut it short,but i really dont know what else to say right now … [Read more...]

on a roll. or a hoagie”? ha ha

well i hadnt really planned to update today, because theres nothing really worth blogging about. but since i'm on somewhat of a roll i thought i'd at least try to write a few lines about something or another. i'm going to bed soon i suppose. i'm not tired. i'm bored. i wanted to drink some tonight but of cours that never works out. someone only wants to do something the day after i'm wanting to do something. when i'm in the mood to drink, its kind of like when i'm in the mood to do other things. when it passes... well i'm not in the mood anymore. oh honestly though I don't know why i even try anymore. i can't eve tell you the last time i actually had sex sex. oy. i can't believe i just wrote that, but hell its true. its always other things and then not that. ugh. and david wont quit bitching about the netbook now. we have had NO problems with it, except the mouse froze up while ago, and wouldnt scroll but hell that has happened on every computer that i have had, so big freaking … [Read more...]