I am …alive…lol

Greetings Friends!! Sorry that I have REALLY slacked off on the updates in the last week. oy. I just didn't realize I was doing so bad! Spent tuesday with jason for a little while. it was fine n dandy n great as always. david came home that day and did a "make up attempt" I went for it.i mean why not. I was queezy all day tuesday and wed. went and got a pregnancy test wed. actually took two preg tests wed. they were both negative friday wasn't nothing special.i did start getting a sore throat but eh...whatever woke up saturday felt like DEATH omg. went to my moms because i wanted to get my hair done but ended up curling up in the bed and sleeping. then came home and did the same sunday david decided we needed to run here there and yan in the freaking rain. so that made me more sick. monday is kind of ..blurry. i know we ended up going to his dads in the evening. thats about it there tuesday was a big blur too lol. i was feeling better but ...eh. david and igot in a big fight … [Read more...]

early morning

oh my. i am up before 11 a.m dont be afraid lol. i was up last monday this early putting things in the house up...anyways you know me and my repressed sleeping issues. i just went ahead and got up! i'll nap later I suppose! Jason wanted to come down tomorrow and spend the day with him. I am pretty sure we are gonna do it!! i just have to make sure my mom isn't gonna show up lol. it probably wouldn't look right. oy! i am gonna tell her today, that we should go to the store WED. lol i wouldn't really worry its just she hasnt been over since last saturday! anyways since he's coming (as far as i know-) it has inspired me to try to finish unpacking and get some things done around the house! i have NO IDEA what we will end up doing. i figure watch some movies and maybe go eat or something like that. his parents house isnt that far from me, so if his brother is home we might end up chilling with him. well i need to find a new layout for this site, and try to get moving so i'm out for now … [Read more...]


Thanks so much to everyone who commented on my last entry! jason and i are having a blast remembering the past and all that. I will be around to comment you all today/tomorrow (probably when i get through writing this entry!) I am finally settling in, so i should become more regular whatever that is jason and i have both realized we used to be kinda ....stupid? and both have accepted our parts in why we weren't ever together. or why we can't be together. it makes me feel better to know its not all my fault!! I have a little bit of a cold :( its not too bad but at night i feel like ICK. mostly sneezy/nose/throat kinda thing. shadow has been howling like a wolf since 10 something last night! i guess i will have to take him back to my moms. i'm pretty sad about it. i will be lonely as hell without him, i mean yeah i might get sleep but ugh it sucks! my hair is in hell mode. i havent been able to get it straightened all week, and it needs colored. my skin is in extra hell … [Read more...]

its been a long week!

trying to remember things to make you an update on whats been going on!! lets see how i do! wedneseday: came over here with david and the rent lady to look at the majorly icky stove. resulted in her deciding we should get a brand new stove. seriously. icky. there are some pics on flickr. not only was it beyond filth, the thermostat was messing up as well. sooo. thursday: wasn't gonna come over here until they called about my stove, but ended up coming over and bringing a truckload of stuff anyways including my chest of drawers and the blanket box. they couldn't tell me when they were going to deliver the stove sooo... friday: came over here when david got off with a load of stuff because they were gonna bring the stove after 4.mom and dad brought the desk and the couch. they were going to bring my freezer but it wouldn't fit.finally got my new stove saturday: moved the truck with davids chest of drawers,the freezer the bed and a few random things. then we went back over … [Read more...]