Yesterday Was My Bday

and thank god noone made to big of a deal of it. i haven't been big on bdays since i was about 21 ...which is the reason i got turned off all together. my 21st bday sucked, and every bday since then has sucked. lol. so while i am happy for happy bday wishes, i just dont really celebrate! i think that david and i are going to go eat at olive garden. we save it for anniversarys and birthdays...that way it is special.i can't wait to dive in a big pitcher of sangria.... sam is napping in the afternoon sun. i have given up trying to wear him out all day so he will go to bed at night. its pointless..and at least this way i can semi get things done around the house. today i have been cleaning a little bit...straightened up the living room & kichen (reorganized our shelves of food too!) even cleaned the stove & counters. washed the dishes. sad thing is our garbage needs taken badly, and david didn't do it this morning. he'll have to do it this evening or i'm gonna throw up. i hate not … [Read more...]

new theme & adjusting

Ugh I feel..not so great. i'm warding off a cold right now. the sore throat is about to drive me nuts!!i have felt it coming on for a while though... Sam is doing better..i mean like adjusting to us/ us adjusting to him. it's been so long since we had a little fellow (shadow being almost 3 and everything_) plus, we haven't had a cat in the house (with the exception of when shadow was here for a week) in about 8 months! he doesn't like to sleep lol. i don't know apparently i dont do a good enough job of wearing him out or something.i just wish i could get him to sleep through the night. he did better last night though i am wondering what we will do with him, when we leave to go to wherever because I hate to have to put him in the spare room, but i know we can't leave him out just yet. he's too ...climby and into stuff you know. we are under a winter weather advisory. please GOD i don't want any winter weather because if we get any david has to stay home from was 60 … [Read more...]

Say Hello To The New Boy


This is sampson, or sam as we have started to call him. his originial name was peaches, which i thought was a stupid name for a boy cat lol. and my mom started calling him sampson so i'm like ok fine. i actually called shadow sam for about three days when we first got him. I got him yesterday off of craigslist, and he came with an ASSLOAD of shit. i'm talking bags of food, cases of wet food, treats, flea collars,flea drops shampoo, a brand new litter box, a brand new cat carrier,shampoo,litter box sprays,and more. he is around 9 months old, i would assume he'd be more like 6 or 7. he's a very young soul, i mean with shadow i'd have assumed that he was like on his 8th life or something lol. i think this fellow is brand new. :) he will actually HUG you when you hold him. anyways i'm starting to get a cold, and i'm wore out. so i'm out for now!! … [Read more...]


Shadow Still never made it home. my only thought is that someone has catnapped him, because lets face it what reason would he have had to leave? it just doesn't sit well with me. he's been gone 3 weeks come monday. if i had one wish for my birthday it would be that shadow would come home. I am trying to get people into posting over at exquisite mb again. we were off to an awesome start, but with everything been going on in my world i haven't been by there very much, and things have died down. so if you want to join and help us out (i'm pollypocket if you want to put me as your refererer) not much is going on with me today. i am gonna start making midori margaritas soon. tequilia makes me nuts. lol jason says that jager does the same thing for guys as tequila does for girls. i'm like what is that? and he said makes your clothes fall off lol. seriously though people should take my phone away when i'm drunk. i'm the worlds funniest drunk texter i … [Read more...]

backstory:theres always one

I tried to make a video blog wed, but it never panned out lol. i tried again this morning and i'm just in no mood to actually "talk" so i gave up and decided to make a real blog for now! Wedneseday was great ...Jason came to visit me. I felt sorry for him though he overslept (he wanted to be here like by 8) well after he overslept he then had to scrape snow off his car, so it just wasn't his day. he didn't get here till 10ish and he had to leave by 12:30ish to be at work at 2! he works really long shifts most of the time, and i couldn't tell u the last time he had a day off.he's a chef at a really popular restraunt we had up at appalachian soo.he was beyond tired. i told him he should have tried to come sometime when he had a day off or something, but he said he just really wanted to hang with me sooo. david and i had a huge fight about jason coming down, and well you see who won. i'm sorry that i'm not that big of a pushover anymore. i always said if i got jason to ever talk … [Read more...]

lost memories

I have been looking for a while for my old journals and papers that used to write that i called "random" which were journals that i just wrote on loose leaf notebook paper. I finally found one of my 2 journals that i have been searching for the papers. well. they are VERY missing in action. these are memories that i don't wont lost. they were from as far back as 12th grade and spanned through the appalachian years. very detailed things about me and certain boys.and various things that have happened to me over the years. they were lost before and i like to never found them back. i have a knack for hiding them in places to keep people from reading them, and then i can't remember where i put them! i have been looking for them since before christmas.i think the only logical possibility is i have slipped them into one of my school notebooks to conceal them from nosey eyes, and i have forgotten. i am hoping at least. all of those notebooks are at moms in a tub, so i am anxious to … [Read more...]