A Shadow Post

all i want is for my furr man, shadow to get home safe. I haven't saw him since the friday before he went missing, because he's at mom and dads, and thats the last time i was there that he was there. he left mom's monday morning (last week on Feb 1) and he hasn't been back since that we know of. (we think he *might* have been back tuesday night and ate food, but we weren't sure. I guess I never did write that we did bring shadow over here (or maybe i Did i cant remember and i'm too lazy to look lol) he stayed almost a week, but he was so whiny (because we think he had to much winter fur and fat that he was hot) anyways I took him back to moms because i thought it would make him happy! I have had TWO phone calls about shadow ! I finally sent out an email to my moms neighborhood today with his picture. someone saw him saturday. then someone called while ago and said they saw him yesterday, and if they see him again they will keep him so mom can go pick him up … [Read more...]

phone hoe

hey! so we ended up going and getting the blackberry as well as keeping the cliq! so now i have 3 phones lol. it works awesome though , the tethering to the netbook. we have 750 minutes and unlimited text and web (with the tethering, which some networks apparently will charge you for) its 140 a month BUT i joined AAA and it waived the two lines activation fees, and i save 15% a month on my bill making it about 120. and the more people who join AAA and link it at tmobile, the higher the discount! I needed AAA back anyways, but damn they sure changed since i had them! it used to be 50 miles of towing free, now its only 3! but hey if i have to ever use it for locksmith or jumpstart it will more than pay for itself it already has. so the blackberry is basically my modem, and i am not impressed with anything else about it i am really glad i got the cliq because theres 1000's of free apps and its very social networking. i guess its my fun phone. of course the ENV3 is a verizon phone … [Read more...]

Hey everyone! I don't have the internet on the computer anymore...long story. I am using an motorolla cliq phone. My only other options Use a blackberry and tether it with the netbook Use dialup I don't care much for those options lol Maybe the blackberry thing but prob not. Shadow left moms Monday and he hasn't came back I am pretty worried and upset. Longer update and comments latter this needs to charge lol Thanks for stickin with me everyone … [Read more...]