david & I are trying to work on our money issues. I am as always looking for something to post on here that i can make money (ie, paid blogging) but I haven't really came across anything lately that I have been able to do. I tried the freelance writing but honestly i have writers block. so bascially we have came up with (or let me be more specific..my parents told me how they used to have to do their money) a budget what we are going to TRY to do is save back half the costs of each of our major bills out of each check. we have rounded high on some of the bills that aren't the same month to month (like power bill) at the end of the month if theres money left over we put it in either our MISC envelope or our savings envelope. we are also saving back 10% of his check for savings, and keeping back 100 each check for gas and extras. the money left in the bank can just be used as spotter money...and it can be used for the savings /misc (groceries,etc as we see fit) i honestly … [Read more...]

got my wii back

good lord i swear i'm about to give up on blogging and online activities. everytime i'm like 'ooh i'm back" the next thing you know i'm out for 3 days or a week or more...ughhhh i still have a cold/allergies whatevr going on ugh. it is like the cold/allergies that will not end i don't know if anyone remembers but i used to have a wii/wii fit about two years ago. i sold it to my grandma for my cousin, and well now my grandma gave it all back to me!! she sent it back with my mom. most every thing is still in excellent shape the remote looks pretty shitty though, its missing its jacket and doesnt have the wrist strap..the wii fit board is missing those little caster things or whatever they are that goes on the legs. anyways really happy to have it back! not much really to write about right now. will comment/blog more soon ... … [Read more...]


i made the last post that was a private post a draft. i just didn't want to leave it up anymore I do need to correct something in that post though, that i didnt realize needed fixed until i read jenns comment I had wrote "david threw sam from the living room into the kitchen" which was a total typo. the sentance should have said "David threw that xbox that we found here from the living room to the kitchen since sam has been here." so no, david might not have been particularly keen on sam at first but he has not "abused him" so glad i got that cleared up this is all i'll say about the whole entire sittuation. things came to light on saturday evening. things were said ...i left. i'm back and things are being worked out.and btw sam and david are actually getting along quite well. as well as me and david. other than that i got BURNED really bad at the tanning bed saturday. i actually have freaking blisters under my boobies! and i cant really wear a bra. its horrible. and they act … [Read more...]


helloooo my precious friends. lol. the reason i wrote that is because i keep having a preacher call my tmobile phone and he says "hello my precious friend" lm@o not much new with me... i have a nasty chest cold/sore throat thing going on and it suckkkks. we ended up eating at buffalo wild wings instead of olive garden, because they were PACKED when we got there saturday david decided to work on my brakes on the car and got stuck and i had to have my dad to come and fix them. shadow has been missing one month today. oyy. i miss my baby. sam is ok, dont get me wrong...but not knowing bout shadow is very annoying. i am still hopefull that he will turn back up! shadow left in a snow storm. we are getting a snow storm tomorrow. i think it would be prophetic if he left durring a snow storm maybe he will come back in one.... the thing is if it does snow tomorrow david won't get to work wed. probably... and that would be his last vacation day..he won't get anymore till … [Read more...]