Nichole and The Horrible No Good Day

I woke up and it just went wrong from there 1. the tailpipe came off my car. came the hell off...after calling my parents at 6 a.m in virginia my dad says its ok as long as its not the muffler or whatever. thankfully. so we can drive it till we can get it fixed.i was having a panic that i wasn't gonna be able to get up to va myself for the anniversary party 2. My period has decided to try to come 3 weeks late. key word is TRY its just enough to be spotty and annoying 3.Ebay Idiot will not respond to emails,etc. I finally got fed up filed a dispute and listed it on craigslist for 200. we were hoping more but it did sell and its over and gone. thankfully bank has double drafted 2 seperate transactions. my insurance and something david bought online. my insurance corrected itsself and they were able to credit what david bought in the haste of all the above my eden fantasies toy came for review!! cant wait to get to review it!! so i guess the day in all wasnt bad, but gosh … [Read more...]


I am going to do a video blog tomorrow if nothing comes up! I am going over to my moms to get my hair straightened this evening... I am having ZERO luck with selling this freaking t-mobile blackberry bold 9700. and if it doesn't sale soon so that he can get an htc hd2 i might jump over a cliff. i'm sick of hearing it. oyy!! I have had a sore throat since monday afternoon, and it sucks because my grandparents are having their 50th wedding aniversary this weekend and i cannot be feeling like crap there really hasn't been much going on in my world at all!! the new ABC store opened up which is cool its HUGE and a little bit closer to me than the other one was. we got some white chocolate godiva liquor and it is nom-a-licous my heat pump went out yesterday afternoon. as in no heat, no air for us. ugh! and it was 36 last night. they came at 9 this morning and fixed it though. it was a blown fuse in the unit... Nicole offered to host me if i wanted to get my own domain name... … [Read more...]


there is like NOTHING going on in the world that is Nichole. mom came over this morning and took me tanning and colored my hair. so i can't wait to see what shade of red it turned out (should know more when i straighten it out I suppose!! I updated the About page on this site. i added a picture and rewrote a few things. one page at a time i'll have this place in tip top shape :) I also took away some links of people who had either unlinked me /hadn't been by/or updated in forever or the link was broken. My mom also was trying to help me find something to wear for the weekend and all i heard was how fat i was and that none of my clothes are right,etc for like an hour. it was sooo lovely. I really don't know why i cannot loose a little weight. i was doing wii fit every day for like 3 weeks and didn't loose shit. i honestly don't eat a whole lot, and the only meal i eat in a day is dinner. and i don't snack alot either.i cut back on soda. i bought that wii game … [Read more...]


I know that most of you all that visit are members of my and nicole's board exquisite. Ever since around christmas exquisite has been pretty dead, but I am working on making it come back if your not a member stop by and check it out, and if you are a member come by and say hey and post whore!! … [Read more...]

Bills, Bills,Bills..why aren’t they ever right?

So I just got through bitching out t-mobile because they can't do perecentages (like i say, i am no mathmatical wizzard but I do damn well with percentages!) Plus, hey i haz t-83 calculator which all but talks to me! anyways, after getting that bill taken care of wouldn't you just know here comes the sattelite bill (DIrectV) our bill is around 42 a month because of all their random discounts, our refer a friend discount from my mom,etc. well i get this bill out of our box and it is near 70 bucks why? because apparently when i called them back in march to make sure we didn't get charged for the starz/showtime after the 3 month trial, and they assured me that i wouldn't that it would be cancelled before the fees would set in...well they lied! well I finally got them to take off the charges, after telling them i didn't give a shit about that i wouldnt be able to watch this that and the other show ( I rarely watch tv anyways...) and i didn't care that it only averaged out to 40 … [Read more...]

press repeat

sooo what's up my friends? not much here...seriously... you all do not know how much of a rut I am in!!! nothing ever changes, and i have became so BLAH i can't get my ass online. it's pure crazy! I have given up saying that i plan to be online more. because EVERY time i say it, something happens! right now i'm sitting here while david's out at his dads. he's only 40 minutes away,and I told him i need him back BEFORE 7 so i can go tanning, and he keeps telling me he doesn't know if he can make it back in time?? excuse me?? you know where in the heck i could be by 7? a whole lot further than to the tanning bed thats for sure!!.i don't like to miss week days, because i suck at going on the weekends. I bought Lady Antebellum's first CD the other day....I LOVE IT just as much as the newer one. whoa. i love them. seriously. I am VERY picky with music. Sam is napping right now. i tried to get him to nap with me while ago but he wouldn't have it.he's a trip i swear. I am gonna … [Read more...]