got my phone!!

I got my new T-Mobile Motorolla Cliq phone yesterday evening!! apparently, there were more issues with the other one than the keyboard not lighting (i was blaming the freezes and other issues on our coverage) anyways, i'm glad to have it back and be able to get apps and all that good stuff. I had to go to the grocery store today...oh how i detest going to the grocery store!. you'd think spending $$$ would appeal to me but it doesn't lol. I actually spent about $165 on groceries, and still needed soda. Our T-Mobile messed up bill (they have fixed all they will fix for this time) is due before david gets paid again. we need to save out half rent and half the expected utility bill...ugh we barely have enough to get davids gas for him to get to work on! David is taking his 2 day pre-layoff register for unemployment whatever days tomorrow and our next check will be short so UGHHH.... Sam has gotten better about staying out at night and sleeping with us! its pretty … [Read more...]


ok so i am doing better with blogging but slacking with commenting. i know i know lol. its not that i haven't read everyone's blogs, because I have, its just that sometimes i just don't know what to say lol.:) i'll try to do better...thats all i can is getting to be summer and i am more net oriented in the spring/summer for some reason.. anyways.. The t-mobile thing is semi taken care of. the bill would have been right all along, just they couldn't do simple math apparently!!they were taking the discount pre-tax as well. as far as my phone goes, they were out of stock and couldn't replace it, so i'm waiting for one in the mail. ugh. i miss apps!!! I bought the wii "game" your shape with the video camera yesterday. it was on sale for 49 at walmart. so far though, i'm not caring for it! i don't know. at least wii fit doesn't "talk back" lol. My yardsale saturday was the WORST yardsale ever. i only made 3 bucks! and people were so freaking cheap...ugh. as in the one purse … [Read more...]

don’t brag yet..

I was getting ready to write a kick ass post about t-mobile and my motorolla cliq and how great things were going.... ha ha. ha and then.... . monday night i realized when i was laying in bed not able to fall asleep, that hey wtf my keyboard wasn't lighting up (there are 2 keyboards on screen and the one where my phone slides. thats the one that isn't lighting. the reg. keyboard) it wouldnt light unless i hit the alt key, and well hell i can't type in symbols my whole life! i thought something had happened when david was messing around with it with his bro watching youtube videos the other night, so i was like whatever...i'll fix it tomorrow (tuesday) get this. the only thing i can set on the phone keyboard is the tone. there are NO light settings whatsoever. also monday my motoblur (which powers my tweet updates,myspace and facebook as well) started acting a lil wonky. i just thought people weren't updating. tuesday it full fledge quit working here i am mad … [Read more...]

ramble ramble

hey!! I have started feeling SOOOOO much better since i have changed my allergy meds!! i mean today i got my floors vaccumed and sheets changed...also got a few nit picky things done online like changing my PPP Link :) so hopefully i will get some opps soon so hopefully i am for real coming out of my funk. i really want to get on ecstasy,work on this site, do some pics, v-log,start up exquisite again and whatever. i have felt out of touch the last couple of months!!! the weather has so turned HOT its been like 85 the last few days...i need to get my closet cleaned out and get my summer clothes out. i also need to by me some more tanning and oh yes get my hair cut! anyways wanted to make a quick blog... i'll catch you all soon i hope :) ng … [Read more...]


a secret ingredient makes hamburgers taste like steakburgers this is a test post for PPP :) … [Read more...]