Twitter/4 Years Past/Misc

Twitter is seriously pissing me off. For the last few months, I have gotten friends requests in my email, went to approve them...and they weren't there. well I hadn't really given it too much thought...until I got two requests from people I knew that were trying to follow me (before i thought it was people who changed their minds or whatever) Apparently.... this is a known issue for people who are not on the public timeline (ie, private) like myself. I have went back to the public timeline to see if maybe the requests will pop back up. .... hopefully! Today was a good day. i'm not sure. there isn't any particular reason... i was a little nostalgic in a way, because I was thinking today made 4 years since I left appalachian. lol turns out yesterday was 4 years. I had forgotten I didn't stay the last day!! That was in retrospect a very sad day. I didn't realize that when i left that day, i'd never be back (or at least back to stay) I remember there was gonna be this huge … [Read more...]

my poor foot!!

yesterday was the first day in like two weeks that i felt like absolute.. BLAH. I managed to get a few things done in the house: wash dishes, clean up the living room, clean the bathroom a little,change sheets, wash a load of clothes. I was in sams room vaccuming up his mess of litter and food (have I mentioned I DETEST carpet?) when i stepped on something. I was figuring it was a piece of the aforementioned food or litter. well i got a suprise. there were two tiny tiny pieces of thin wire embedded in the carpet. ive walked through there a million times since we moved in, and i've vaccumed ...but there they were. well notihng was inside my foot, i couldnt find a prick hole, or any blood ...but wouldn't you just know... it swelled up and it has been killing me ever since! it kind of calmed down when i went to bed, but its back at it again now!!! I wrote my latest eden fantasys review/ made the video for it. My internet uploading speed is slower than dialup i swear.It would be … [Read more...]

HOT weekend

It is SO HOT today. I am nearly dying. you know i'm always too hot or too cold. it never fails! I sold the cliq yesterday, so now i'm the "proud" new owner of an hd2. i don't know. its fine and all but it is honestly too big and too guy and a little confusing for me to get used to. it will be ok dokey!! yesterday we went to davids dads, then we met the person at the mall to buy the cliq. I got the next to last pretty little liars novel (which i read today, and am DYING to go by the last one in hardback). we also made it over to moms yesterday evening. i had a migraine almost all day and was so hungry when we were there. i had a piece of steak and some new pototatoes and some tomatoe from the garden. took some advil. by the time we left i was feeling so much better. i drank a couple of wine coolers latter on in the evening, and one clear captain with sprite, but that was about it. this morning we went to walmart and to the grocery store so i could get a few things that we … [Read more...]

I found a theme!! & Late Night Ramblings

I finally found a them i halfway decently liked :) I love grab-a-theme but omg I have used about every theme they have about 5x and for months at a time. I still don't know what went wonky with the theme I was using. I honestly want to learn to code my own. :) maybe someday right? miracles do happen? lol right now its midnight and me & sammy are still up. i'm so hyper theres not much way i'm falling asleep any time soon, though i will prob try when i get through with this blog. if you do happen to run accross some NICE themes for wordpress let me know. most of you all know what kind i like. basically not the kind that sucked. for reasonable prices i might be willing to buy a few as well. so just let me know I am basically overhauling the site as i might have mentioned. ive taken down some subpages..plan to edit and put up with actual content. except for thrifty finds, many of the ones that i still have up have been edited. I also plan to make them more organized and perhaps … [Read more...]

please ignore the 5million theme changes your likely to see in the next hours. the theme i was using went NUTS and lost my entire sidebar. i'm currently looking for a nice one...somewhere. what fun!! i swear i'm gonna learn to code. … [Read more...]