a whole lot of randomosity

Hello Bebes!! I am in such a good mood & quiet hyper this week. It can't last i'm sure lol. Sam is in the process of loosing his lil mind. I just caught him in a wall cabinent. I like to never got him out without breaking my phaltzgraft fancy dishes. ahh. see he is evil lol. I still haven't managed to work on flickr/pictures or my ipod/music lol oh well. i'm saving that stuff for a really boring day. I did manage to get a fairly decent disclosure policy thanks to jenn! her site blogging-girl is so full of helpful blogging advice! I haven't had any luck selling the cliq yet. i'm about to drop it to my lowest price i'll accept which is 160. it is def. worth that. like i told david thats a pretty good amount of the cancellation fee! I am kind of looking forward to getting to use the htc hd2 it is by far a better phone, and its really neat. i just need to girly it up a little bit! my g.grandma got out of the hospital and she's in the nursing home in thereapy right now.like i … [Read more...]

By Request: Evil In A fur Coat (Sammy) Pics!

BY REQUEST: pics of evil in a fur coat. i still haven't gotten all the cell phone pics on flickr, which is where most of his pics are...but here are a few! when i get more up, i'll make another post :) also some of my pics are really dark on flickr from my phone, because they thought it was bright to make a 5mp camera with no flash...and this place is dark as heck.but...i tried something out with hp media center to auto correct my pics...and it looks good. so i might be reuploading those pics lol. i am also working on putting some stuff in sets and collections. and still working on adding pics from as far back as christmas. lol. and i'm hoping to get back into pic taking. have i mentioned i must have took an ambitous pill? lol (Flock & Flickr aren't getting along either so uploading pics was a bitch. i had to use IE. and believe me i wont let my pics back up like that again....) ps:i neglected to say that michelle was the inspiration for me to … [Read more...]

long post..lol

I have started a blog entry like...3 times today, and all 3 time i've ended up getting distracted and not posting them! so here we go... yesterday we went to davids dads/// took him to goodwill to get a tv, and i found a really nice PINK by victoria secrets purse (which is pink,btw) one time my mom got me something from PINK and it wasn't and she thought it was hillarious lol. anyways I had gotten a pair of hello kitty pj's at kohls when i went on my big shopping trip a couple of weeks ago. they were purple and i got them in a size medium. it was a shirt/short set. anyways the shirt was one of those slim fit shirts, and let me just tell you, that shit just doesn't fly with me anymore.so I opted to take it back and change the size (yes omg i took something back, lol but in my defense size is a good reason) i also had a shirt i had bought that had some very odd sleeves that were way too tight. actually those pj's were 18.99 when i bought them, and i didn't realize it! the shirt was … [Read more...]

nichole lost an onion

I was up ALL last night from like 2-5 with the dry heaves. it sucked.omg thought i was gonna die. david of course never even knew one thing about it! he sleeps to deep! so since i didn't get more than 3hrs of sleep, i was really tired and headachy. so while david went out and about to his dad's I stayed in bed and eventually got a little bit of sleep. here is a funny story from the day. I LOST AN ONION ok let me explain. david doesn't eat onions..but i love them. so my mom gives me one or two whenever i need them, that way I don't buy a big bag that would just go to waste. anyways, she gave me one last week. i remembered leaving it on top the microwave. well we were going to have hamburgers so i go to get the onion and couldn't find it anywhere. i figured it rolled behind the microwave..i was wrong. so i figured david moved it so i called to ask him where it was and he told me he didn't know what i was talking about. anyways i hunted and hunted because i was like wtf … [Read more...]

Eden Fantasies Review #2: ikit by doc johnson

THIS IS A REVIEW OF A SEX TOY!!! please do not read it if you are under 18, or it would offend you to read!! Not long after completing my first review for eden fantasys I was happy to get another one! This time it was for the iKit by Doc Johnson, and it was an onsite review!it kind of threw me off at first, but I talked to jenn and it turns out it was like a bonus assignment, and i am still able to post it here :) The iKit by Doc Johnson comes with 5 different attachments, each with their own unique sensation! When I received my assignment for the iKit, I was excited to get it! I couldn't wait to be able to try out this vibrator, because I had almost bought one similar to it before. I had changed my mind though, being to embarrassed to purchase it at the store! When it came in the mail, I was shocked at the color. On the site here, it says that the colors are red, blue or purple. I got mine in red, and was very happy that it actually was more of a pink-red.To give it a … [Read more...]