left to my own…something another lol

this weekend my parents are going to virginia to redo my g.grandma's bedroom (omg it seriously has been almost a month I can't believe that!) and I still haven't processed the whole sittuation! I guess my subconcious processes it, because I have dreams about her, and even really crazy dreams about her at times. like i said my yardsale is a no go, so I got two choices basically. sit here at the house, just like i do every other day, or go to david's dads while they are trying to move shit. I guess i should back up and tell the story or at least a condensed version of the story on whats going on in that sittuation. davids mom & dad split in nov. as in my MIL left him for a guy that is 31 (and my ex bf tim would be 31 right now, so whoa way to rob the cradle!) anyways, he ended up loosing his job for some stupid reasons,and basically his own fault, so he can't collect unemployment and on and on. and he's honest to god i swear..too lazy to go get a job...soo he's gonna be getting … [Read more...]

Costume Review!!!

About 2-3 weeks ago I was talking to david about halloween, and that this year I wanted to dress up, so if we go over to the biker bar like we did last year, i'll have something to wear. He already spent a freaking fortune on me a costume one time before, but I gained weight so...unless i want to look pudgy well i wouldn't wear it!! I even spend hours in the halloween store last year trying things on but couldn't ever quite get what i was going for. that and the fact that everything that did fit, even on the "discount" was still unaffordable  for us! Well would you believe the exact same day I got the opp. to review a costume of my choosing?I swear it was ment to be! I knew i pretty much was wanting something "sexy" but not to revealing to wear into public (which is really hard to find actually...I seriously don't want to show my tush and boobs to the world!) I also really like the styles of the playboy brand of costumes (even though that makes it more likely to be showing all my … [Read more...]

long boring summer days!!

Not alot going on with me! trying to get some of my reviews going, and get caught up on things around the house. I wanted to have a yardsale this weekend but there is nothing working in it's favor a. mom is going to be out of town. there went my opp. to have it at the auto part store...cuz her and dad would have to use the truck to bring my stuff out there. b. david is helping his dad move out some of his stuff, so he is in a hurry to get over there, doesn't want to give me time to have said yardsale. c. I don't have any money to use for change :( I would say i'd have it next weekend, but i think david & i are going to try to go to my grandparents (we were gonna go to TN. but thats a cursed idea. everytime we try to go something bad happens. last time g.grandma died, this time we had phone incident) Anyways...things are BORING around here in my world. I am posting a little bit at serenity when i drag my lazy self online, but other than that most everything is at a … [Read more...]

The Disappearing Spoon

I am such a book feign. seriously 1000+ ( I know it has to be more close to 2000 by now) and I can't say NO when I see a decent one at the thrift shop, or even more so for review! One of these days i'm gonna have to either have a massive cleanout, our start my own library. Seriously I have so many books I can't keep them at my & david's. No, 95% are at mom's! I have books on everything under the sun, from childrens books (for that child that i want to have one day!) to books I read as a teenager,etc. The most recent book that i had the chance to review is The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean. It took me a little while to exactly decide if it was my cup of tea to review. I'm more into romances, and teenagey books like Pretty Little Liars and things of that nature. This book is more of an informational book, which is something I hardly ever go for, because i'm just one of those people who felt like i got enough of that when i was in school (high school and all ..ahum 7 years … [Read more...]

Review Comming Soon!!!

I am really excited to say that I have the opp. to review a product from csn stores. Csn stores is a network of over 200 stores, and they have everything you could possibly think of! I'm talking from things like dining room tables to things like purses, and kitchenwares...and anything in between! I had never really heard of them, before i started getting into product reviews, but I really wish that I had! I have saw so many things on there that I could use, and for reasonable prices.  I also didn't realize that they were a network with over 200 stores! The things that you find in these stores are NAME BRAND as well. I saw everything from Hello Kitty to better homes and gardens. There honestly is something for everyone! There are tons of ways that you can search their site, including by price range and even by what kind of person that the gift is for! Also they have many items that ship for free, or most of the smaller items are a standard $5.95 to ship! So if your looking … [Read more...]

because i had a bad, i mean horrible night

Everyone who knows me knows I have at times, a healthy appetite for alcohol. especially if i am having fun. I can honestly say up till friday night, i'd only ever had 2 times that I was totally sloshed... Friday night david was drinking, i was drinking...which is odd because we never actually drink together.I was drinking captain morgan lime bite with sprite (one shot in each drink) well i usually drink 4, but i was feeling quite awesome and mixed in a crown royal black that was 100 proof. I wasn't thinking about the crown being more strong, and that it was gonna "creep" or slowly hit me. Then I went for one more captain, and another crown royal! that was 7 drinks total...and with the crown being more strong.. well thats when things went to HELL and a handbasket so to speak. I ended up eventually puking my brains out in the bath tub. durring this breif time david had brought his phone, our hd2 that we just got 2 months ago into the bathroom. our toilet lid is NEVER up because of … [Read more...]