I am having a blast lately doing product reviews! I am especially having fun, as well as david, of course with the reviews for eden fantasies! I recently decided to go out on my own and pitch a company about doing reviews, and I picked babeland!  I had seen a few people do reviews and I didn't really know how to get started so i just found someone on their contact page and dropped them a line!!  I got a quick response, and i'm very excited about it!!! I can't wait to get I guess what i'm saying : look forward to my babeland reviews :) … [Read more...]

anyone out there?

Whats happening everyone? Apparently most everyone is M.I.A. lately!! I know it is summer, and most people have lives unlike me lol. I don't know. I plan to do some give-a-ways on here in the near future, so maybe that will keep you all hanging on! :) I haven't been up to much the past couple of days. It has been pretty blah around here!! I have been trying to recover from my stupid drinking incident!! you'd think i'd know better, but apparently not! I did go to the store for the first time in MONTHS yesterday! David & I actually went together and did pretty well. We spent a ton though :( plus that bill from cancelling my cliq was due this time! at least i had most of the cancellation fee, but stupid t-mobile didn't really prorate my bill any, even though i was only one day in!! well i don't know what else to say oh wait I lied. our new neighbors haven't moved in yet and the cops already got called lol....doesn't look promising for them! ok i'm out for now. gonna try … [Read more...]

furry cuffs & being sick

yesterday was jason was supposed to come early so he could hang out until about 2:30 because he was going to visit one of his brothers afterwards. he ended up not coming till like 11!! which i was like ok, whatever but then he got called into work at around 1:30!! which, honestly it never fails that he gets called into work. he is obssessed with work. that was always one of our issues. either way, it was nice to see him. we watched some OC and chit chatted and whatnot. I was drinking though lol. and drinking on an empty stomach. when david came home i was asleep. we were gonna go eat chinese, which i was excited about, but when we got to the chinese place they were still closed! they have been closed since july 3rd!! we ended up going to eat at buffalo wild this point i was just really thirsty and couldn't drink a sprite without feeling sick! we went to the mall and david bought me some furry handcuffs lol. I had also lost the top of my belly button ring … [Read more...]

things to do, ppl to see.

I stayed up this morning after david left for work and got my hair mostly straightened. i say mostly, because I still need to work on it a little bit! it is SO thick and dry, but with all the rain we keep getting...I can't do anything about it! Jason is comming to spend the day with me tomorrow!! i'm excited as can be. We will prob go to the mall/out to eat or something of the sorts. I haven't saw him in FOREVER so I can't freaking wait :) (I hear the snide bitchy comments from the twats now... think them. don't leave them!) I need to do about a million and one things today. first thing i need to do is make some ranch dressing and eat some lunch. then i need to straighten up the house a bit. I also need to check out the pro blogger challenge, comment a few people, write an eden fantasys review, and.. um i'm sure some other and shave my legs. thankfully I don't have too many dishes to wash, and i already did my hair so i'm ahead somewhat! well this was … [Read more...]

The I Hate To Cook Book

I love books...I have over a thousand! I also love cookbooks...and even more so I love vintage books/cookbooks! When I saw the opportunity to review the 50th anniversary edition of the I hate to cook book by Peg Bracken I knew I had to check it out. Honestly, cooking gets on my nerves for the most part. even more so trying to figure out what to cook is something that gets on my nerves. So basically I do hate to cook! With 3 million copies sold, and being 50 years old, I knew that this book had to be good! It is broken into 13 sections + a equivalents section. There are sections on everything from luncheons, to little kids parties! One of my favorite sections was the section of household hints! there were some awesome hints in this section!! This book to have been written 50 years ago, is exceptionally still relevant today. Back then women were expected to do so much more around the house. Now a days you share that responsibility with others, including your children, you … [Read more...]

back to normal…

I am FINALLY getting back into the swing of things....I really hate getting behind! right now I have two products to write reviews on, and two on the way! I actually started Project 365 on july 1, and have pics to upload. you know along with all those other pics i need to upload!! I finally got flickr and flock to cooperate so yay~!! Right now I am making chicken wrapped in aluminum foil, and for some reason it wasn't done when i took it out! so dinner is now delayed :( go figure. thats the kind of luck i have lately lol. usually 400 degrees for about 30 min and voila!! I will make some potatoes and greenbeans to go with it, eventually lol. I also am behind on doing things in the house. my house bascialy would scream clean to you, if you walked in. things are picked up and whatnot, but things need cleaned out and organized. ...and of course its time to mop lol. I hope to get by and finish commenting anyone I havent, getting one of my reviews up,and post whore a ton over at … [Read more...]