The cold I have has good staying power! I swear I thought this evil thing was on it's way out and BAM here we go again! BLAH!! Friday was pretty boring, went over to mom's and priced some yardsale things! nothing too exciting .... Saturday went and had a yardsale at my moms neighborhood. seriously unless i am hard up for cash this is the last time i have a yardsale there during the neighborhood yardsale! too much competition, and people won't even barely come down the driveway and look! I made about 33 bucks...meh! Yesterday slept pretty late, went to eat at ryans, and went to walmart. came home and napped.. and thats about it!! seriously when a cold finds me and decides to stick around i might as well not even get out of the bed! right now i'm getting ready to go straighten up what I can and make some dinner. it is some mashed potatoe chicken biscuit thing in a box and I don't really want it lol...but thats what we have sooo! hope to comment & visit with you all … [Read more...]


If I didn't know for sure I was going to get one package in the mail, i'd be back in the bed! This cold is a wicked little devil. It comes goes. It is seriously toying with me. Much like T-mobile. It keeps flashing 3g ..HA! I wish... I am having another yardsale at moms on saturday. her whole neighborhood is having one..(well not EVERYONE but you know what I mean) Her & Dad won't be home, so it will just be me & david. he will be whining by 11. but it will be ok. any little bit of money i can hord up helps lol. I have been trying to no end to get my latest review for eden fantasys up. I joined the mentor program so i could get some help, and i'm glad I did! The rough draft I sent in was really..rough! I totally tweaked it, and there are still errors, and i'm kinda like UGH ...this is the longest it has ever taken me to get up a review!! But I will work on it some later on and hopefully it will be done by tonight! David got tickets to a panthers/titans pre game thing on … [Read more...]

My Secret Circle


When I was young, We didn't own a computer! I can't even remember anyone we knew that had one! Back then of course the internet,email,etc was just getting started. (I think I was in 4th or 5th grade when email first came about)And, for the record I was in 10th grade when we finally got a computer and internet! I was always fascinated by technology. I can remember going in the store and looking at all the things in the electronics aisle in the toy section. I am talking about those little things like giga pets and even more so the my secret diaries/secret senders! I still have my Sabrina The Teenage Witch Secret Diary. I also used to have the secret sender. They always had the most cool little things on them like games, and diaries and such! I recently got the opportunity to review a product called My Secret Circle, which has taken this concept into the social networking generation! I received the B.F.F pack which included two drives! My Secret Circle is a USB Drive (in keychain … [Read more...]

Hey there everyone!! I am fighting off some evil cold...apparently that might be while i was so weak last week! That and an Kidney Infection whoa I am a LUCKY GIRL lol :) I am trying to make the best of it and enjoy some time just laying on the couch and watching tv! I know you probably think I do that quite offten, but usually i'm running around cleaning and fiddling with something another!! The weekend was pretty dull... Saturday we went over to david's moms (she just happened to get an apartment right at the apt. place right beside where his dad just had to leave a week latter!) I was pretty bored and we didn't stay too awlful long! We actually brought his brother back with us (le sigh) and played some on the wii (Golf & Bowling) I ended up going to bed early, because I had been awake since like 4 a/m (forgot to take my valerian root friday night) Yesterday I went over to my parents, and didn't really do a whole lot. I felt too blah. Mom & I played alot of rummy though ha … [Read more...]

The Glamour Of Grammar

As I've mentioned before I'm a total book freak!! Something, you might not know about me, unless you have snooped around a bit on my site, is that I majored in not only Elementary Education, but I pulled a double major as an English major! I am actually a grammar freak! Like I say, you can't tell that by my site. I do what I do, and try to keep it neat, but hey, it's my blog for goodness sake! I have wrote so many papers and stuff over the years, I try to give myself a break when I can. (I also like root words/pre fixes and suffixes and trying to decode the meanings of big word!) Ahum. Anyways, I got the chance to review The Glamour of Grammar: A guide to the magic and mystery of practical english by Roy Peter Clark (that is a link to the publishers page). The book was really easy to read and quite fascinating! There were all kinds of helpful tips and advice.At the end of each chapter there is a keepsakes section, which include sometimes things to do,(there was one about … [Read more...]

waiting for the mail & pics included!


hello my bebes!! right now i'm sitting here ready to pounce joyce, my mail lady as soon as she pulls in the driveway!! my eden fantasys package arrived at the post office at 6:16 this morning!! These items were items I got with my gift cards & contributor labor day discount of 30%(and i ended up owing a little bit, but it is all good!) I would have gotten a few things done yesterday (perhaps even updated and such) if david wouldn't have called me at 11:00 and said he was coming home early. I took a shower/did my hair put on nice clothes and everything so we could go to the store and ...sat around till like 1:30 and realized he must have not gotten off (I figured he'd left around 1230 and went to walmart or something) we ended up going to walmart and we were gonna go to aldis & bilo but i have been having sharp pain in my left side so I decided to just come home. I am hoping it might just be a kidney infection. I just want to say if it was in my right side i'd be in the … [Read more...]