30 Day (mostly picture) Meme! Day #4

Your favorite picture of your best friend Shadow Man!!!! He Just looks so proud in this picture! Awww!! I don't really have any real life people friends, lol. I picked Shadow vs Sam, for the simple fact shadow was really my first pet, and he went through so much with me. It was hard to go to flickr and pick a picture of him. He was such a photo whore! I have really been missing shadow lately. he will be gone 8 months tomorrow! I still hope he makes it back someday. His mommy misses him alot! So Yup My bestest budy ever: the myth the legend the cat the SHADOW! … [Read more...]

moving status…

Well we went over to the apt. place where we used to live and checked out the apartment across the way from the one we used to live, the one that was available. We stopped by there on the way back from cracker barrel. I can remember when they were redoing it, when we were moving. I knew there was fresh paint. We peeked in the windows,and I could see the floors were different ...there was pretty nice tile, and there was no carpet in the living room, which didn't bother me at all. We finally just called and seen if she could come by, which she did. The closet under the stairs had a nice little black extra shelf someone left behind. The pantry didn't have the same # of shelves, which wasn't a big deal...I can work on that. There was even an extra closet in the kitchen with shelves. There was an washing machine, which we don't need so she's gonna take it out for us.There was a stove that is just like the one here,and looked fairly decent on top, and i hope looked good inside. The … [Read more...]

30 Day Meme Day #3

Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date. well I didn't really know of a way to do this in pictures, so here goes 3 of the 4 guys that I have dated have taken me to the movies right off the bat. :) Mark & I went to the mall, the movies, and to wendys. Jason & I went to the movies, and david and i went to a late lunch, the movies and out drinking! I guess as long as it involves going to the movies, you are good to go :) meh. i wish this would have been a pic one! :) … [Read more...]

a busy week,nice people online,moving?

Hello There! This week has been a little busy for me, which is cool. Not an overwhelming busy, but I have had things to do. I Have been enjoying it! I am having the sleeping troubles from hell again though :( last night went to bed at 12:15 and it was after 2 before I ever was asleep! I did sleep well a few nights when it was cooler and rainy which I am LOVING! It is raining and about 58 right now! Before I get any further I just want to say I LOVE JENN!! I mean, I have always loved her, and when she was in n.c for Type A Mom this weekend, we might would have been able to meet up if i'd have thought about her being at the Charlotte airport lol.(nichole had very blonde moment) Anyways,I am trying to buy some dvd sets, and my mom is paying me back for the majority of the cost. (complete wonder years series and season 2&3 of american dreams) They are 47 total and I have 50 in my paypal. which would cover it, of course. However, I joined a Product Review group that is $4 a … [Read more...]

30 Day Picture Meme #2

A Photo Of Something you ate today I had some bbq chicken that i made in the crockpot, some baby potatoes (from a can). I also had to get my puss n boots glass in the pic! I don't really like shrek but that cat reminds me of sammy! :) And yes those are the glasses from mcdonalds that got recalled lol. I wasn't worried though,so I kept mine! Usually pictures I take of food really don't turn out so well, but that one kind of did :) Yay! … [Read more...]

30 Day Picture Meme: Day #1


A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was Today is pretty ....laid back! It is cool & rainy & gray! I actually slept fairly well after david went to work, which rarely happens. I am trying to get all of my online business done before david comes home, so he can put songs on his ipod all evening. I am hoping that he will let me on a little bit though... I have washed a load of clothes & cleaned up in the bathroom so far. Later I will clean & piddle around the rest of the house! I wish my hair color would show up better in that pic. I took a pic of me with my hair down, but thanks to the rain it was evil looking :( oh well! … [Read more...]