i promise meaty posts!

I am telling ya'll I am turning into the laziest girl in the world! Maybe not so much lazy, as the fact that I have basically caught up on cleaning (except those 4 boxes i have shoved under the stairs!) I am basically caught up on reviews, and I'm finally starting to sleep past 9 a/m again! The apostrophe key on my keyboard is sticking, and I don't have a clue how. it works half the time. I might get david to use some compressed air on it. He fixed the backspace key the other day as well. this computer is like what 3 months old? is it time to fall apart? lol I need to go to the dollar store and to the grocery store (still) to finish up my shopping. Things probably going to get tight for us after this :( speaking of tight, I swear target is smoking something really good. for some reason my credit card bill min. payment is 25 bucks !the only thing on it is my ipod, so for 200 bucks i'm paying 25 a month? um..something isn't right with this picture. I think we are going to put … [Read more...]

deep thinking & such

for some reason today was one of those days where I just seemed to be in deep thinking, but about nothing in particular. I don't know why exactly. I think because it was so dreary out and i'm basically caught up with things around the house! today I also decided that i am VERY unhappy with my body! I know I have been saying my weight/muffin top has been bothering me, but omg I realized today that it is just...blah! I hope to start walking about town soon and hope that might help. I don't think that i have ended up like this because of my eating habits, but more so from inactivty. I was supposed to go to the store yesterday, then I changed to today, and now maybe tomorrow? I didnt want to go today because of the rain ! I just need to finish up grocery shopping... I am going to continue the 30 day meme as soon as I get the chance as well. I know the last few reg. blogs from me haven't been to much, but I promise i'll do better. I just hate to leave off with a review … [Read more...]

howdy there

hi!! I have been busy cleaning up and piddling about the apartment! hee hee. I have manged to unpack most everything..i think.. ha ha. It is just some random junk that who knows when i'll decide to put it up!I just wish i could get some things more organized but I know that in time it will all come together. I really don't know what to write lol. I have 3 more reviews that I need to get done ..well actually 4 but one I haven't had but a few days lol. well like I say I really don't know what to write right now, so im out. gonna stop and comment you all :) … [Read more...]

i’ve been looking at csn stores again!

CSN Stores is one of those sites that I go to when I want to unwind! I swear it is just such fun to search for things and kind of having a little virtual wish list like some people would make somewhere like Amazon. I have even found a Bar Stool section that I am in love with, even though we only have one tiny counter spot in this apartment! With 200+ different stores to browse CSN stores really does have something for everyone :) I swear I almost wish they had some in person stores..then again.. that would be a huge place! :) so if your ever bored and want to browse everything under the sun check them out! … [Read more...]

new theme & settling in

We know how sunday's are for me: BORING!! therefore, I have been writing a few reviews :) I plan to actually write another one here in a few if at all possible. Not alot going on worth blogging about in my world... everything has pretty much calmed down! I really am happy to be back at these apartments though! So peaceful & feels like home :) I think sam rather likes all the huge windows to look out as well! I am lucking out on the weather as well. it isnt too hot or cold, so we havent had the air on or heat! I keep the windows open most of the time! I love being able to sleep with the windows open..when it isnt too cold! I really need to go to the store ASAP but for some reason david is being uncooperative.I might see if mom wants to come up and take me. she is going to put up some boarder in my kitchen & paint my cabinets. I will have to seriously take some pics! I know that everyone says that they are liking this apt. better than the other one that we used to live at … [Read more...]

Snapit Screen Capture Software Review

I always want to make screen caps of various things, but I honestly find it to be a pain in the you know what! I mean you have to open up paint, then you print screen, have to paste it, and unless it was the whole screen you wanted captured, you have to cut what you want out, and then save it.That's why you haven't saw me do very many! Lately I have been making twitter backgrounds, and different graphics, and i'm sure you have saw me just simply write go check it out, instead of posting the image here. I can guarantee you that from here on out you'll most likely never see me write that again! Why? I recently got the opportunity to review a software called Snapit Screen Capture, and after reading about it, I actually was excited at the possibility of being able to get to do screen captures! Snapit is a very easy to run program, that turns screen capturing into a simple task, instead of a chore. It runs in your taskbar,which means it is basically ready to go when you … [Read more...]