2010 Meme Thing

1.What did you do in 2010 that you’d never done before? This one I can't think of an answer for! I guess dropped a phone in the toilet ?? 2.Did you keep your new years’ resolutions, and will you make more for next year? I don't recall having any resolutions! Oh wait, I think I had resolved to move out from my parents :) So yes, I did! I don't know if i'm going to come up with any for the new year or not. 3.Did anyone close to you give birth? No. 4.Did anyone close to you die? Yes :( My Great Grandmother 5.What countries did you visit? None. 6.What would you like to have in 2011 that you lacked in 2010? Money. Energy.Peacefulness 7.What date from 2010 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? July 06 2010 The Day My Great Grandmother died. Feb 01 2010 Shadow Disappeared :( 8.What was your biggest achievement of the year? Holding My Marriage Together 9.What was your biggest failure? Not really sure... 10.Did you suffer illness or … [Read more...]

nichole whored her site lol

Hi!! I have been having a pretty o.k. week ...I have been having a hard time with my period...for some reason it has just taken everything that I have had out of me. I have been working on GRITS REVIEWS quite a bit (keeping up with submissions!) I am so proud that it is only about two weeks old, and is doing so well. I keep meaning to put a banner link on the sidebar for it! I also need to add one for mypleasures..and I did make a 125x125 one for this site too! Yesterday I went to the store with my mom as part of my christmas present from her (she offered to take me to the grocery store) I wish she would have told me beforehand because I stayed up pretty late tuesday night and well.. when she called at 830 I felt like crap! She had went by the Dollar General and got me some household things like laundry detergent and such on her way here, and then we went to Walmart and Aldi's. I still need a few things but this is a really good start. I think david's mom might take us to get … [Read more...]

christmas update w/pics

I am seriously sorry that I haven't made it by to comment you all in a little bit longer than what it usually takes me! Christmas, Travel, and a period from hell hasn't  helped anything!! I suppose that is why, when I blogged last, I had mentioned hurting so bad. I started my period yesterday morning and it is..well.. not pretty at all. I think it has been about 3 months since I had one. It has taken everything that I had out of me! UGH! I feel SO behind on everything online, as well as around my house. I feel overwhelmed and don't even know where to start. Plus, I really don't feel like doing anything so..:( The weekend is basically a blur. My grandma had sent our biggest present with my mom durring thanksgiving to hold on to, in case we didn't make it there because of the weather. My mom sent it home with david Thursday evening I love it. Alot. And I had never saw one of those in red before. :) Friday we made the trip north, stayed till about 3:30 in the afternoon and … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays!!

Right now I am rushing about trying to do about 1 million things to get ready for my trip  tomorow. I hope to get by and comment everyone but It *might* not happen. I am trying my hardest though :) My Problem is that I have some kind of  FUNK ..I don't know ..Basically I woke up this morning at 4 a/m and was having some pretty sharp pain in my female areas. It was also in my back and my sides.Now basically my whole body is like BLAH. I don't have a clue wtf it is and it is really hurting :( I will be traveling tomorrow to virginia to my grandparents(about a 4 1/2hour trip) The weather looks kind of sketchy,and  we (my husband and I ) Will be traveling with My parents. I am not sure if I will be back tomorrow evening or saturday( I am *hoping* tomorrow evening) I will have scattered intenet service. I will be able to get internet on my t-mobile mytouch until aboue 2 1/2 hours or so up the road. After that I go to “Internationally Roaming”(yes,i’m in virginia, from north … [Read more...]

Snarky With a capital S

I have just been in the msot Snarky mood this week. I really don't know why. Monday I was pretty ok, went out shopping with my mom(big lots/dollar tree/family dollar) and ate lunch at wendys. (I FREAKING ADORE their new fries) Anyways, sometime between Monday night and waking up yesterday morning, I had this drastic mood change.I can't explain it. It is just like I see things that people tweet, or emails that I get and i'm just in total disagreement with whatever they say. Which, Hey don't think I agree with everything everyone says all the time or anything..lol it is just like instead of disagreeing I just want to say the most mean evil things back... I have been using the If you don't have anything nice to say,don't say anything at all rule :D Therefore, I have been laying low since yesterday pretty much. I have added a few things to Grits Reviews (oh wait I never announce that I have a new review site on here did I? I do. You should check it out and submit some reviews) … [Read more...]

Sam’s Great Escape

Today I am in a BLAH mood like..WHOA. I mean I just feel invisable. :( David got sent home early because of the weather (which in my opinion isn't that bad but still) Last night we went to david/my dad's work christmas party (including my mom) we went to this place that they used to have it at a long time ago, because the place they have been going burned a couple weeks back. Anyways, we were running late of course, and my parents beat us there so I had them save us seats They had a SET menu for us to order from which kind of sucked because I was going to get a new york strip and david wanted some trout or perch. I mean they had a steak option (ribeye which david, mom and I got) and a chicken option(that dad got). What sucked is I know my dad loves fish but he can't have shellfish so he couldn't get the seafood option. I thnk the reason that they had a set menu was because of the fact that there was another party going on and it was so the cooks could keep things straight … [Read more...]