Review:Smartfish Ergomotion Laser Mouse

I have to say that when it comes to a computer mouse, I cannot stand laptop ones. They annoy me to no end. I always keep a regular one on hand…even though the one on the DV4 that I have doesn’t really get on my nerves all that bad. I almost cut my middle finger off in an electric butter churn when I was 3 (I was “helping” my mom). So my finger can sometimes be VERY sensitive when using a touch pad, and sometimes it even hurts! I recently got the chance from  Smartfish to review their Smartfish Ergomotion Laser Mouse. I was really excited from the get go because of the whole wireless factor, plus it just seemed like a great concept! I am IN LOVE with this mouse! It was one of those love at first sight things. It is hands down the best mouse I have ever had the pleasure of having my hands on! I mean if I could get away with writing you a one word review it would be “awesome” lol. I don’t think that’s what they were looking for though, so I’ll write you a little bit more of a … [Read more...]

i told her..

hi!! I basically seperated myself from the internet this weekend.. Friday david & I had some words about him being nosey and spying on my twitter, apparently via my mytouch..I don't know and i'm not really going to further comment on it right now...i'm over it for the most part... we went to his mom's to visit/pick up his brother. well all freaking hell broke loose. his mom is so..ARGH dumb as a rock is good way to put it I suppose..anyways she got into basically bitching that david didn't tell her loverboy goodbye last week when we were over there.. I know that when we left david went out and was ahead of me, and plus david has problems hearing sometimes anyways. either way if he did here him say bye or not..he doesn't have to say anything to that guy if he doesn't want to. that is his choice.. well basically his mom goes off that he has to LIKE her boyfriend. Um hell no back up the truck up...well david has a habit of being in the middle of saying something, and … [Read more...]

not amused

hi! see I told you having a new theme is inspirational ha ha :) Right now i'm praying praying praying that david DOES NOT get approved for getting a gun. I have nothing against guns, don't get me wrong, my dad is a hunter, i'm from mountain folk..guns don't scare me or anything like that. However, people like david with a gun bother me alot. I'm not going to get too detailed but lets just put it this way. David has things on his record, that I knew about when we got together.. and they *hopefully* will prevent him from getting a gun. Also, with his anger issues,he def. doesn't need one!  I mean he gets pissed at my dv7 laptop over an ipod connectivity problem and smashes the screen..yeah sure he needs a gun.. *rolls eyes* Plus all the other random sht that he has threw/broke. If anything he needs anger management help! He went to get one last night and the check came back Delayed, which means something has showed up and they have to get a further background i … [Read more...]

new layout :D

Hi!! I *finally* got the layout that Karyn tweaked for me up! (and yes we do know that autumn is spelled wrong in my tagline.working on it. it honestly doesn't bother me that much) (because i just spent quiet a while rearranging my widgets and sidebars and such) anyways I really like it, and I Hope you all do too! I drank like 6 glasses of wine last night, so i haven't really been worth a crap today lol. I did manage to post 3 reviews at grits and wash dishes. + getting this layout up and going! Sara (girl from fb that i was talking about) replied back to my message and friended me so that was most awesome. I swear it would be nice to be friends with SOMEONE in real life that my husband doesn't have a shit over (yeah, that'd be jason i'm refering to) I won't get into that can of worms right now though. Wordpress Stats doesn't appear to be working with this i guess sitemeter it is. Unless someone can tell me how to make them work...Also I would LOVE to know how to … [Read more...]

old friends

Hi!! My sleep is extra screwed up right now! I can't wait to get it at least back to normal for me! I can't stand this crap! Like right now it's 1:30 but instead of getting up at 10 i didn't manage to get up till 12! I wasn't able to get to sleep to well after 2 either. UGH! I found an old friend on facebook last night. the craziest thing we both went to appalacian at the same time and have friends in common. spooky! for some reason I have it in my head that maybe we could meet up and become friends again..I don't know I haven't saw her in.. well.. a really long time. we'll see i suppose! I kind of miss not having sattlite tv. don't tell anyone. ha ha. It doesn't really matter though. I don't miss directv for sure. well I just wanted to make a quick update .. more later ng … [Read more...]

simulate a post..

Hi!! so yeah I haven't blogged in a few days, what else is new? lol everytime i get on a roll i mess up! I can't really say anything important or special that I have been doing..I can't even blame it on g.r.i.t.s or anything! I think mostly my thing is twitter spoils me to death!! David's parents/family are driving me/him crazy right now. They call MY phone friday night (his aunt) talking about how david needs to find his dad somewhere else to live other than living with his grandma! excuse me but wtf? his g-ma is fine with it so who's business is it to say anything else? anyways it's a big mess... I then got pissed because his mom lied about giving his aunt my number! I am about to tell them all to stick it where the sun don't shine. they don't realize that david works in heavy equipment all day long and has nothing else to do as he operates it but to think of their stupidity? it's dangerous! One day karma is gonna bite some people in the freaking ASS and I can't … [Read more...]