i left. but i came back.lol

Hey there everyone! I am back! We ended up leaving friday morning and going to tennessee ! We stayed at Wilderness at the smokies the first night (it's the hotel with the indoor waterpark) and we stayed at this really crappy days inn the second night..since wilderness wouldn't hook me up with a decent rate the second night :( We left friday around 11:30 and got there around 2ish. We went and ate at the Food City grocery store deli. My grandma has those stores where she's from and they have the best food. It reminds me of being a kid. We went back to the hotel and spent alot of time at the hot tub. We went and ate dinner at mcdonalds and then came back and chilled at our room and drank a little bit. I played online a little watched some tv and went to bed. Saturday morning I couldn't sleep to save my little life so i packed all of our stuff up and just sat around waiting for david to get up. We checked out at like..10ish I guess it was. We really wanted to go to the dixie … [Read more...]

lets get out of here..

I have made it down the blogroll a little bit *cheers* lol I know i'm far from done but progress is progress. I also have posted 5 reviews at grits today, wrote a review and..cleaned my kitchen(stove,dishes) living room(vacuum,dust,coffee table, took down christmas cards) laundry(put up a load of towels,put up a load of colors..washed towels/whites washed colors) my room(changed sheets) bathroom(tub toilet and sink) phew!! lots of work for little me in one day!! This has been the longest week in the history of the world. David has been off since last FRIDAY for goodness sakes. We clearly are not ment to spend that much time together ...omg..am about to go crazy. We are considering going to Wilderness at the Smokies though. I mean yes, we'd have to put it on credit card but..my god if we don't get out of this house I think we might end up killing one another! There are still 3 days left to go. I don't know. Can't really make a decision. David & I are not really getting along on … [Read more...]

Review: EatSmart Precision Digital Scale


In the new year, many people have goals & resolutions to get into shape and to loose weight! Being a skinny gal most of my life, I haven't really ever been a person with this sort of ambition. However after gaining about 30ish lbs over the last couple of years, I have decided it might be time to do something about it. Now, don't get me wrong I don't want to be a "twig" or whatever. It isn't so much as how much I weigh,but all of the weight is right in my stomach. I kid you not when I tell you that I have FAT ROLLS. It isn't any wonder my back hurts & I can't find anything that fits anymore. One thing that I HATE doing is weighing myself. I think the last time that I weighed myself was when we had Shadow & were living with my parents. That would mean..Summer of 2009! I wanted to know how much Shadow weighed so I weighed myself first so I could hold him and subtract the extra. He weighed 9lbs i believe and I weighed 133. A couple of weeks ago I got the opportunity to … [Read more...]

insomnia is a bitch

Hi All! I have been trudging down my blog roll leaving comments :) i know I am not that far behind on commenting, and that you all understand but I always end up feeling bad if i don't do it for longer than like a couple of days! I am having a major bout with my sleeping issues right now. I get up at like 11 a.m and barely can get a darn thing done all day in the house or even online..then around 7 p.m i get wide awake and want to do all kindsa things in the house like organize and clean and stuff. Of course, I can't because david has to go to bed and stuff. I go to bed around 11 p.m wide awake and then struggle with sleeping until david gets up at 6..then struggle to go back to sleep till i get up at 11. It is reeally starting to get on my last flinging nerves. The last 2weeks i have barely been out of bed longer than a few hours everyday.i usually curl up with the kindle and sam around 2 p.m and sleep till 7 or so at night..same story wide awake at night cant function in the … [Read more...]

its the weekend.um yay?

I hate when you want something so bad that you think you are going to burst and then it doesn't happen. I am not going to clarify that or explain what i'm talking about. I just have to say that it kind of hurt my feelings...but i'll get over it. I hate being so sensative!! Plus, I just screwed up our rent money order..pfft. I put our name as the pay to order and had to scratch it out? damnit. I hope it still goes through..?? I had(Have) every intention of working some on the sidebar today, but i'm not sure when i'll get started. I have started to read the last vampire series on my kindle (old school..christopher pike..) and I am totally absorbed in them. They are the best vampire books hands down. They are currently released as THIRST I believe. Anyways, they even came up with a new book, so I wanted to re-read the others before reading that one. I wouldn't generally post this but..hey what does either one of us have to loose 1. Join NoMoreRack … [Read more...]

autumn rain-cleaning up some site stuff :)

I'm doing a little spring cleaning (winter ..cleaning...lol) here at the site..(or at least i'm going to make an attempt to) One thing I will be doing is making a seperate page for those of us who are "Link Exchanged" and not affiliates. Some people don't know the difference so let me tell you(because I didn't exactly know either..) Affiliate: Sidebar link/link that shows up on ALL of your pages Link Exchange: Link is on another page, ie links page I am doing this because I am getting a large number of each, and my sidebar is starting to be over run. so if your link disappears off the sidebar, you know why! :) just a little heads up. and no offense of anything like that. thanks!! Nichole … [Read more...]