Fires.Floods.Burns.Net Usage & Other Random Crap

So today i'm spending the morning trying to get all my online business caught up on. This includes the 8 submitted reviews for grits-reviews( I already have six in drafts that only need the pics added before they go up) Posted one of the 2 reviews I need to have already had done (hopefully the other one will appear by tonight) and ..commenting everyone. I am working from the bottom up this time, so watch for me) Tuesday evening was a nightmare around here...My kitchen sink somehow managed to totally clog up when david came home from work. I was honestly glad that I hadn't done anymore in the kitchen that day than I had, because it would have just been a waste of time. David mangaged to put draino in, which of course, of course with our luck didn't work ... and of course we call our rent lady and.. yeah she can't manage to ever answer her phone. So with all my dirty dishes stuck in the washer, a sink with both bowls of was just lovely. my mom suggested scooping all the … [Read more...]

Lolly Review


I know that I have said it before, but I’ll say it again. With a lot of women their “fetish/obsession” is with shoes. Mine has always been  a tie between panties & purses. I haven’t ever really cared for shoes that much. Anyways, Recently I got the chance to review some panties from a company called Lolly,and of course I was quiet excited about it. Lolly is a great little site that has sexy, cute boyshort panties.They comein a variety of sizes and that come with a variety of messages. One thing that I have always liked about panties, especially panties with messages on them, is you can wear something naughty like “spank me” and only YOU know that you are wearing it…until you are ready (or not) to share it with someone else. It can perk up your whole attitude about your day just to simply pick a pair of undies that have a special message on them! I can honestly say that sometimes for me it is all about the underwear I have on that defines my attitude. I know i'm probably odd, … [Read more...]

happy Sammy Boo Day

I totally apologize for not getting around to comment and this time I SWEAR it wasn't because I was being lazy. Check out my post below about all my internet service drama and you'll understand! I really haven't been at home all weekend .. friday we went to eat at applebees/went to bestbuy/home/back to bestbuy saturday we went to bestbuy/davids mom's/home/back to bestbuy sunday: davids moms/applebees and sleep lol I should be returning to normal today though, so I can figure out what we are gonna end up doing ...I know we are staying with verizon I'm just not sure which phone.. it will be the android one or the iphone.. bah.. I wish this iphone would  tether then I wouldn't have to be choosing again! So yes, I should be around to comment asap..and I'm working on getting things going again <3 nichole ps: i got sam 1 year ago today. since I don't know his real birthday we have our own version happy sammy boo day! … [Read more...]

Nichole’s Internet Service Woes :)

So I haven't really been seen online very much since Thursday evening. Here is a explaination of why! the short version I have an Iphone 4 through verizon with only 2g of wifi usuage. I still have 5g/unlimited through my phone. trying to decide to keep it or get another phone that I would be able to tether and share the unlimited 5g with.. now the long version: Many of you know that for the past year or so I have tethered one phone or another to my computer through an app called PDA Net. You may also remember that I have been on the edge network since the dawn of time, via t-mobile who seem to not want to expand in my area, when everyone else is going 3g/4g. Last monday I ended my service with them...and sold my Mytouch 3g Slide. We were using virgin mobiles mifi device but we started having speed cap issues (very common these days) and the fact I really want a phone. Actually since my uncle is planning to NOT keep paying on his verizon bill, the time is coming that I will … [Read more...]

If you haven't watched my video blog below feel free to do so! and please comment! i would love to regularly do some video blogs (I know that one was long but I covered alot including the wreck I was in on friday) :) Monday my Valentines package NEVER came. Thank you UPS...It got delayed or some crap, I don't even know. David got confused and didn't read correctly, so we thought it would be here yesterday by 3. Actually it was at regular time, right around 4. He got me one of those bamboo stalks that is heart shaped. He ordered it from FTD and let me say NOT IMPRESSED with them AT ALL. They didn't really include any care instructions (I had to google it) and to top it all off that item isn't available on their site anymore so I couldn't even find info about it there! Also on monday he brought me carnations,hersheys kisses and a card. I sold my mytouch 3g slide on monday, so we didn't manage to get to go out to eat. plus, I was waiting on UPS until like after 6 because we … [Read more...]