i wanna talk..but not nowww

howdy! I can't blog about what I really want to write about right now. Hopefully I might be able to later on today. It is good I promise :) I have been up since 5:30ish. My mom came over and we went to get her license renewed and we went to goodwill/walgreens. I got this cute little rolly bag at goodwill and a book. We got 90 bucks of stuff at Walgreens for 30 and I still have $2 in register rewards! Yay. lol. She gave me alot of the stuff she got..like some TP and some oil of olay/toothpaste/candy. It was interesting for sure. A little annoying though..very time consuming. she says my dad gets annoyed and doesn't want to go with her that much anymore lol I am boiling this huge piece of beef for dinner. don't know what to do with it..prob some BBQ .. hee hee I have 3 reviews to post @ grits..and I need to maybe write a review..not sure. for now it is days of our lives and maybe getting a load of towels washed. and commenting.. ha ha as always :) … [Read more...]

edenfantasys for a fantasy valentines day

You know it isn't long now before the dreaded V day will be upon us! ha ha! I mean some people like it, but most people dread it. Either way, I know somewhere awesome that you can get lot's of nice goodies for that special someone to use on valentines day that they can use all year long & for many years to come! The gifts that keep giving, those are always the best ones! Where am I talking about? why edenfantasys of course!  You have everything under the sun to make that special romantic and/or kinky evening of fun for you and your special someone. You have Vibrators, massage candles, bondage gear,dvd's and so much more! You can even be really cute and look for pink & red themed items! The possibilities are endless. When you are through and complete your order with EdenFantasys you will quickly receive your items discreetly via usps priority mail for free with orders of 59+ or you can choose UPS /pay 5.95 for usps priority if your order is under 59! So be sure to … [Read more...]

data my tush

Hi!! Not alot going on in my world, but I hated to leave you hanging with 2 sponsored posts there for much longer! I was planning to work on a few things friday, but thanks to T-mobile capping my internet speed(ie slowing me down and i'm already only on the edge network..because i used "excessive " data usage..um BS t-mobile..i have UNLIMITED DATA) AHUM anyways.. so it didn't really pan out so to speak.. anyways.. let see friday... I didn't do too awful much and I slept the majority of the day of course. went to bed really early .. because the net was so slow and I was so bored. yesterday we went and paid rent and went to eat at mcdonalds. we went to get davids bro but he didn't want to come over. we get back home and i went to nap and then david started hooting and carrying on that i needed to look at something we got our tax money ... YAY well. sorta. I had took out 200 bucks of my money to pay the directv cancellation..and ..apparently david... did something else … [Read more...]

[review] Purex Complete Crystals


I recently got the chance to join Purex in their Purex Insiders program. I know that you've probably noticed my badge over on the sidebar for quiet some time now :) I am pretty proud of it! What the program is , is a way for bloggers & other social media active people to get the word out about the latest purex products!Pretty neat huh? I was a little late signing up so when I got my first product: Purex Complete Crystals Softner it was already out in the stores!  It was released at Walmart on December 28 2010 I believe,and is scheduled to be in other stores in January of this year. Purex Complete Crystals are 92% natural, which I really like because I have mentioned before I have very sensitive skin, and usually the more natural things are the less chance of a reaction that I seem to have. Also, Natural is just the way to go..who wants all those nasty chemicals getting into your clothes/skin/etc So how do you use these innovative little crystals? They sure aren't like … [Read more...]