this is the cold that won’t end

I am absolutely fed the hell up with this cold. I mean I felt like crap (run down) before I even got the flippin' thing and now for the last week and a half it has been going full force. It started out as a HEAD cold went to a CHEST cold and now went back to a HEAD cold. What kind of CRAP is this? UGH I am seriously so cranky i can't hardly stand myself. and honestly I feel like noone cares. I mean i can't breath. my chest hurts. my head hurts. and guess what ...david/my mom don't even bother to act like they care BLAH! I just got my latest package from babeland to review. A Jopen Vanity v9 vibe, a doc johnson pop plug and a lelo massage oil. good times :) I finally caught up with grits. I only have 1 review to post and 2 links of authors to add *yayy* I swear with the weather around here it is no wonder i'm sicker than a dog. it rains and is warm and rains and is cold. and then you have a warm sunny day in the middle. it is pure junk!! well it's time to go wash the … [Read more...]

nasty evil funky colds

*is this thing on* I have been neglecting the site soooo much the last couple of weeks. this time it was because last monday I got a horribly nasty chest cold which turned into a chest cold that I still have. :( Honestly, not alot been going on in my world.. slept most of last week because of the cold (EVIL I tell you). Thursday I went out wth my mom to like CVS /Walgreens,etc so she could use some of her coupons. I honestly want to get into couponing but we never have the money to spend to start with..ugh. I won't get off on a money rant but lately with david's hours being cut we are right  up on it..we are about 300 a month short .. right now i'm trying to work on grits-reviews (and when i find the asshat who has decided to spam my contact form ..grr. i mean honestly who does that?) write a review of my own, waiting on a package i thought was coming today, wating on david to get home so i can make dinner..also need to write an ambassador post for eden and and make a post … [Read more...]

and here’s nichole…

O.K. I have started SEVERAL MULTIPLE attempts to post a blog within the last week, but honestly things have been really hectic, and when I haven't been busy I have been run down as can possibly be.I SWEAR after this post is written I will be making commenting rounds to at least a few of you, and hope to be finished up tomorrow! I will start you off with last Wed. I checked my phone when david left and had missed 3 calls from my mom. I was like o.k. she must be wanting to come over and go shopping or..maybe something bad had happened. It was the second one. My Aunt (My Mom's Brother Dennis) Wife had died about 1 a/m. It was VERY unexpected, she had only went to the hospital because she thought that she had food posioning! Also, she wasn't my favorite person but hey she's my uncle's wife + she had two children from her other two marriages (She's only been in our family about 6 years) Also my uncle just lost his grandma (my g.grandma) pretty much exactly 8 months ago.. so yes, … [Read more...]

I lobes jenn & other things :)

I first want to apologize to my Jenn who I LOBES THE MOSTEST I accidentally managed to delete her last comment :( thank you wordpress app on the iphone! Thursday night david & I went to eat at the grill right down the street…You can’t ever get a parking spot up close, and david parked about a block away. I go to get out of the car and My Samsung Alias (My added line on my uncle’s plan) was on my lap..apparently…because I stand up and get out of the car. Did I mention we were parked beside this big ass storm drain??Can you figure out where this is going? It went DOWN THE FUCKING STORM DRAIN!!!!! And of course there was no way to get it back/and if there was a way it would have been ruined. UGHHH. So I was really Really pissed. I have had MANY phones since I first got a phone in 2002 for graduation. And I personally have NEVER had anything happen to a phone that was bad. (The HD2 that got dropped in the toilet last year was NOT my phone, and I didn’t have anything to do with … [Read more...]