Really Good News on the pregnancy front


I finally bled for 3 days so I could take my over the counter fertility test. It is by First Response (The people that make the pregnancy tests)and it is 95% accurate. There is a dark pink line that is your test line, and then if no line or a faint colored pink line shows up it means that you have a normal FSH hormone level...if the non-test line is dark pink..then it means there might be problems... here is my test There is a very faint pink line..sooo... This means there is a good chance I might be able to be pregnant I know this isn't like I went to a doctor by any means but i'm pretty happy about it so...YAY!!! Maybe there isn't anything wrong with me after all? Or if this doesn't work out, maybe the problem lies with David or something. Things like this make me so excited and make me want to start researching ALL THE THINGS baby and pregnancy related including things related to different delivery types like Lotus Birth more later... … [Read more...]

Insomnia..We Meet..Again

You know I have decided one thing. Since I can't sleep, I'm gonna start (try) to make the best of it. When i'm laying in bed and think of all this shit I could write blogs about/pages for my site and whatever..or ooh i could write this review.. you get the point... i'm just gonna get up and do it! The only thing that sucks really bad is doing housework at those hours. unless I can be relitively quite I can't..but you know washing dishes and what not..pfft  I will get IT DONE .. I mean this morning I went ahead and got up took and oatmeal bath (damn you rash..well it is better for the most part but ...certain places not so much) I mostly have scars..I know if i were wouldn't be quite so bad. I am seriously thinking about doing mystic tan.  I used to do it in high school...I like it better than a real tan frankly because It doesn't take a freaking month to start showing color. So we will see how that goes I already managed to shave and wash my hair this morning...I … [Read more...]

twice in one day..ack!!

Hi!! Blogging twice in one day + a review..are you dying of shock yet? When david came home we went out to walmart and to eat at the subway inside of our walmart. I was happy I don't think i'd been out of the house in ..well i think since my mom came over last week. what day was that? um.. i can't even remember lol. i think it was wed... so I was happy! I have had some stupid rash for a while now. I thought that it was razr burn and some dry skin but now i'm thinking i might even have soap burn now on my back because i've took so many baths n showers to quit itching and used alot of cetaphil soap! I taught david how to play rummy on saturday. well actually ..i'd already semi taught him before and he wanted to play so.. yeah. lol. my mom had helped me teach him. anyways weirdest game ever..we ran OUT of cards..i don't even know lol We had a really delicous dinner saturday as well. some really good steaks and veggies. we hadn't had steak in a long time... I got … [Read more...]

is this thing on?

So Last night I could NOT sleep. At ALL. When David & I were watching the celebrity apprentice, I could barely hold my head up/eyes open. We go to bed at 11...and I was still awake at ..2 a/m! after that I tossed & turned and slept a minimum of 1 hour until 6 a/m when david got up for work! I couldn't sleep much after that either.. BOO. I don't know what the deal was. It was a little bit warm last night but still.. I didn't care for it! I am having a new urge to work on my sites, this one and grits-reviews. I put the same theme up at both because I really liked it. I hope to start posting samples that I have gotten for free, excellent couponing deals and things like that along with more reg posts..and commenting more hopefully. I also edited out some links! I also like to include more pics when I can so we'll see how it goes... I still haven't got to have my yardsale..thank you nasty weather on one weekend, and this last weekend being easter weekend..hopefully THIS … [Read more...]

Purex Insiders Review: Purex With Zout


I am the Stain Queen when it comes to in I either have Blood Or Red Wine on everything! Of course, those are two of the most stubborn stains that you can come into contact with. Usually when I encounter these stains, I get them in the wash a.s.a.p and I even wash them more than once..and when all else fails I take them to my mom and make her work her magic on them! When I got the chance to review purex with zout I was pretty excited!  I got the Fresh Waters scent, but it is also available in an hypoallergenic free and clear option as well. So what makes this purex so much more special than say regular purex or even any other fabric detergent? It has zout in it. What is zout you ask? Zout is a stain fighter that fights stains with three different enzymes: Protease which helps with your grass and blood stains, amylase which works with your startchy  stains like tomato and chocolate and finally Mannanase which works on stains that happen with things that contain a … [Read more...]


Today has been..well..I don't know how to explain it. My dad is working in the mountains like I previously mentioned so my mom has lots of extra free time in the afternoon & evening.. soo..she actually came over here AFTER 9 a/m lol usually she is here around 9 and is totally on her way home by 12 at the latest.. .well today lo and behold she came over right around 11:30 and didn't leave till like 3! It was just really odd :) We went to walgreens/cvs/the grocery store... I got lots of good deals for only 38 bucks! I even got a 24 pack of deer park & the 6pack sports bottles for...$1.10! lol I barely got home and washed the dishes/ made dinner before david got home.. phew! I was hoping to get some reviews done today... who knows I still might... I def. need to get a few done cuz i'm kinda swamped. perhaps tomorrow I won't have quite so much to do in the house. I also wanna comment ppl. oy. lol Right now I have to go clean sams box. He has made one more mess with his … [Read more...]