Hi! I don't know why I keep neglecting the darn site.. I really don't ! Probably cuz there hasn't really been much going on or anything i felt the need to write about.. Anways here's a list of all the upcoming reviews that are coming up to a-r 1.ambassador post for eden (yeah i've been saying that for a while..lol) 2.Pop Plug Review for babeland 3. vr9 jopen vibe review for babeland 4.lelo massage oil for babeland 5.toyfriend for goodvibes 6.a ice vibe thingy for goodvibes 7.wine review for flip flop wines 8. europa review for mypleasure 9. purex review so yeah busy  times :) I am hoping that my hair is "healed" enough to be able to straighten it ...it was really fried and I haven't even straightened it since feb. I got my hair colored  & cut about 2 weeks ago and i'd like to know what the heck it looks like with my normal look! I hate having to wear it on top of my freaking head it is starting to hurt!! I semi went grocery shopping … [Read more...]

yardsale seasons

hi!! i finally am semi over this cold * 2 1/2 weeks later* still a bit coughy/breathing problems but if i take mucinex I don't have too many issues. Not alot going on with me, today I have been busting my tush, trying to get stuff together for my first yardsale of the season. I semi want to have one saturday, but i'm not sure yet..I just want to have it before the community yardsale in my moms neighborhood (mid may) it just isn't worth fooling with when they have that one. Not that i wouldn't consider having one here, but they havent managed to cut our grass yet..ugh! looks like a flipping jungle... I hope that i keep this energy level up, but it is doubtful. I got all of sam's room done and a good portion of our room/closet done. *yay* I don't have a whole lot of things to say, but i wanted to check in. I am currently just drinking woodchuck hard cider and watching mash. sam is cuddled beside me and david is asleep on the other end of the couch...go figure I slept … [Read more...]