very blah boring post

**waves not alot going on here since I wrote last!  Just basically been sitting around watching netflix (thanks playstation store for being down so I can't do Hulu Plus yet) and enjoying the dsl. We have decided to get the faster internet that is 5 bucks more a month and it should be here wed! One of my new things is hunting for days of our lives old clips & video montages that people have made and watching them. You know. Like I don't procrastinate writing reviews and cleaning and the likes enough as it is! Today we went to my mom & dad's for a cookout. it was pretty chill, and nothing to really write about since it was just my parents  and me & david.. I did upload a few videos from my flip cam of sam yesterday, to youtube..if you wanna check those out. my link to my youtube is over on the sidebar. I hope to make more videos since i'll be able to actually upload them now! This is a fairly dull post I realize but I felt the need to write something to … [Read more...]

DSL!! its..h-e-r-e

I wave and jump and down and shout to everyone that I now have my DSL!! :) It came a day early :) the only thing that really bites is this whole ps3 crap..we can't access the store and/or get hulu going :( They actually called yesterday while i was at my moms, and I didn't answer. We get so many annoying calls on my primary line i don't even answer 800 numbers! I got to thinking this morning that it might have been them so I called and it was. Then I was reading the set up instructions and realized I would need an account # to set up the service which I didn't have.. You will just ADORE this next part, I assure you. I call to find out the account # and it sounds VERY familar to me (it was a phone #) The only time I ever had home phone was with them when we lived at the apt accross..I hunted high and low to figure out if in fact they had mistakenly gave me my old phone #. About 2 hours later i get a ups 2 day express pkg with got it.. a totally different #!  I can imagine … [Read more...]

[review] Flip Flop Wines Pinot Grigio and Riesling


FlipFlop wines…doesn’t that just sound like the most adorable and summery type name for a wine company? (Oh, and yes there is a new nichole word. I know you all simply adore my “fallish” word that I used back in the fall, so I came up with “summery” ) FlipFlop wines not only has a cute & summery name, but they have a very awesome mission!  They donate a pair of shoes to someone in need for every bottle that is sold! They are partnered with Personally, If I can help someone out by doing something as simple and buying a bottle of their wine, I am all for it!(because you all know i'm going to be buying wine anyways, might as well support a good cause while i'm at it!) The Flip Flop Wines come in 7 varieties which include: Flipflop Chardonnay Flipflop Riesling Flipflop Pinot Grigio Flipflop Moscato Flipflop Cabernet Sauvignon Flipflop Merlot Flipflop Pinot Noir For this review I got to try the Pinot Grigio and Riesling varieties. Now, I’m … [Read more...]

my weekend..

First of all I made a tumblr. correction. I have had a tumblr for a while, just never used it. Anyways, I'm not sure if i'm gonna use or how, but i'm trying to figure it all out. if you'd like to add me as a friend it's Lets see, this weekend was fairly boring!  Thursday we went to best buy to try to find something to charge up that battery on the Evo, which they didn't have ... you can actually buy a 6 buck fix on amazon, but it totally isn't worth it to me, because I still wouldn't be able to hook it to the computer to tether the internet. We brough Alex (my bro in law) over to spend the night. I was pretty bored! Thankfully though david got the samsung intercept to tether like i mentioned before. Friday we decided we have honestly had enough of the whole phone & service sittuation and I ended up cancelling. I hate that I had to because either way i'm gonna loose 200 bucks, + the fact I had to buy another phone, but honestly sometimes you … [Read more...]

sprint still sucks & other ramblings :)

I warn you all that there are LOTS of reviews heading your way lol. :) just so you know! I still haven't solved the sprint/screwed up phone sittuation. honestly, at this point i'm kind of like screw it and walk away. I mean HTC will probably fix the phone for me, and then I can sale it to cover cancellation...In Theory anyways right? though in my honest opinion sprint should let me out scott free when I was sitting in my living room with one bar of service and/or roaming. don't worry i'm gonna be all over them like white on rice about the whole "72 hour " crap I want to say though about how i know it would look that taking that ps3 back would help this sittuation. In my opinion, it honestly wouldn't. My husband works everyday and if he wants to keep a ps3 that he got an awesome deal on, it is fine by me. It isn't like we have that much anyways. It isn't his fault or place to have to take it back because of crappy ass sprint. (And omg have you EVER tried to take anything back to … [Read more...]

Sprint, Your fired!

This morning I woke up to a phone that was half dead & subsequently would NOT charge leaving me with NO internet today!oh and ps: the phone isn't even 2 months old! well lets rewind a bit shall we... last night when I unplugged the phone from the computer (because I tether my phone to my computer for the internet) It was totally charged. I disconnected pdanet (the app i use to tether, since it uses alot of battery if you don't) went upstairs and plugged it into the wall charger (since I knew the charge would fall throughout the night due to apps running & syncing) It never registered that it was plugged in. David thought it might be because of it being totally charged so we didn't worry no more about it. This morning I checked my email before he went to work and the charge was signifigantly drained. I plugged in, and went back to bed ...didn't pay any attention to if the lights came on. When i got up, it was lower in battery. I thought ok. maybe it is the wall … [Read more...]