we have a new ps3

Hi!! Lets see whats been going on with me? Monday we went to eat at olive garden for davids birthday. we then went to best buy and david decided he wanted an ipod (again lol). I ended up letting him have the iphone jason gave me, so we ended up taking that back yesterday! Jenn wrote a blog the other day and mentioned a $100 off playstation 3 coupon from gamestop. Turns out my brother in law actually had one and for some reason hadn't mentioned it, even though he knew we had been wanting to get one... Anyways, we ended up going to get one last night. It was quite the fiasco because the coupon code we wrote down wouldn't work and we couldn't get into alex's email to get the code. I kept thinking it was his password but it turned out he wasn't giving me his full email address lol..omg it was a mess! we were out in the cold rain trying to figure it out. We finally got into his powerrewards account and got it all to work! There hasn't really been too much going on with me the … [Read more...]


Have you heard of Triberr ???? (before we star this is a totally non sponsored post lol i am just thinking that this site is pretty awesome) Triberr is this nifty little site that allows you to join a "Tribe" and Rule 3 of your own "Tribes". What happens is you set up your RSS feed, and a few (or maybe just 1? i'm not exactly sure yet) of your posts everyday gets tweeted by everyone in your tribe everyday. And of course it automatically does their posts through your twitter as well. Did I make since? lol for a better description i suggest going over to Triberr and reading up on the details! Basically you can have up to 6 people in your tribe tweeting your post(s) to their followers everyday. which means up to 24 people linking to your content everyday. I am in one tribe so far, and haven't gotten mine off the ground, but the tribe I am in isn't even full, and with 4 people we reach 18,000 people a day! If you want to join the Autumn-Rain Tribe leave me a comment or DM … [Read more...]

new neighbors (that suck)

Our new neighbors SUCK They live in my old apt. (across n over) and omg.. loud & foul doesn't being to describe them. I think they started moving in at 1 a/m on friday night and it has just been loud n annoying ever since! I know that brent & christy (my across neighbors who used to be my next door neighbors, the only ppl i really talk to around here really) are probably extra crazy being as they are moving and being loud right beside them believe me they are loud enough and they are across from us! UGH Then david & i went out to olive garden for his birthday while ago, and come home to like NOWHERE to park! david was dropping me off so he could go to walmart and get me some wine.. well I was like "I'm gonna draw some DAMN lines and make some DAMN parking spots since people dont know how to park" or something to that affect. well the newbies were outside, and they gave me the most evil go to hell looks! ugh! whatever!! There isn't too much else to say right now, hopefully … [Read more...]

i’m a hot mess.

By my own stupidity ...I decided to drink alot and stay up late. Now, I drink wine like a fish sometimes, but it has been quite a while since I drank anything HARD. Vodka used to be the one thing I couldn't drink, but I finally got to where I could tolerate it. Well lo & behold it has turned into my enemy again! Honestly it probably isn't the vodka so much as the fact we didn't start drinking until late, and then went to bed at like 3 a/m! I woke up right around 10, which is when I normally get up. Felt like DEATH...eventually laid back down..and got up just a few minutes ago (2:00 p.m) Lets put it this way I won't be doing that again for a while. I feel like crap. Which is an improvement from DEATH... Right now david is frying me some bacon (beef..the only kind i eat) I am STARVED. I need to see what I can salvage of this day! I got my get glue stickers in the mail. and my MOO cards. check back later and i'll see about putting pics up. more later.. … [Read more...]

*waves* :)

I actually stayed awake this morning, if your curious. I laid in bed till about 9 though and watched friends.. then i took a shower. ... played online a bit.. and now i'm washing a load of clothes & just got through frying up some HB meat. Heck, I've even already did the alexa thing for the pitchit group i'm in :) I want to put a couple of MY reviews on grits-reviews today! I haven't really posted any of mine there.. just a few.. since i'm caught up except for two that were submitted last night, i think i might throw a few up! I am having this twingy annoying low grade headache right now. I am not caring for. i know it is probably because i got up early. i figure if come 2 p.m i still feel not so great i'll just take a nap. I am trying to tackle a to do list a mile long for both here & grits ! including commenting, adding links, editing links,etc etc. i'm happy though..sometimes i like feeling accomplished :) I hope the weather clears up a bit. I really want to go out on … [Read more...]

catching up..or something like that..

Right now I just finished watching "The Wonder Years" complete series.. and have no clue what the heck to watch now! We don't have sattelite or cable, so with the exception of a few random shows, we depend on dvd seasons to occupy our time.. I would restart Friends for like the millionth time, but ...well.. my discs are so unorganized I have No clue where to even start to find them at! I didn't get as much done today as I would have liked ...that is kind of the story of my week so far. I hope I can change it! I was doing so good with getting up and getting things done..ugh..really want to be able to do that..hopefully tomorrow! When david came home we went out to eat at this little grille i like to eat at right down the street, and went to walmart, where I got 2 sara evans cd's (older ones I didn't have for 5 and 7 bucks) now I only need the new one and i'll have them all. Speaking of cd's i have a gazillion ones i have not even opened, let alone gotten put on my Ipod..I … [Read more...]