[review] flip flop wines Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay

don't die of shock. i actually did my own pic lol.

Wine. Summertime. Me. Ahh. Yes! This sounds familiar doesn’t it ??  I am Nichole. I like my wine!( even though I don’t like summertime) oh, and yes I like flip flops! I got the chance to sample some more of the great flip flop wines again!! This time I got Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay! Two more wines that I hadn’t ever tried before! I was soooo excited!  I am making my way through all their great varieties which include The Flip Flop Wines come in 7 varieties which include: Flipflop Chardonnay Flipflop Riesling Flipflop Pinot Grigio Flipflop Moscato Flipflop Cabernet Sauvignon Flipflop Merlot Flipflop Pinot Noir   I never really know what to expect when I try new wines. I think I am predetermined to go into it thinking I probably won’t like it! I don’t know why I’m like that, but I am! It is really rare though for me to NOT like a wine. Also, I can’t say anything bad about these two either! They were … [Read more...]

up early again

i'm on a new sleeping pattern where i want to get up early. sleep in the afternoon and stay up at night. go figure! things are never dull with me, for sure! this morning i was totally on a Flip This Blog mode ...so I just went ahead and got up and started to work on that. I actually found a theme I liked pretty much from the getgo which never happens. Then I started weeding out links. The people i have deleted either a. didn't link me back b.haven't talked to me on twitter in months/haven't updated their site in months or C. don't ever come by and comment. I left a few ppl that were close to getting deleted but..for the most part it's complete. If you ever want to be re-added i'm easy to deal with! speaking of links.does anyone know the name of that wp plugin where you can have random links display and not that whole big stream over there? let me know i'd appreciate it. I might work on editing some subpages/adding some but we'll have to see. I have TWO reviews to write … [Read more...]

Wordless Wedneseday


This is my 3rd cousin Alaynna she is an absolute DOLL. She was snapping the camera and saying cheese. Then she would clap her hands and say YAYYYYY. o.k. it's supposed to be worldless right? lol … [Read more...]

and now back to reg updates..

I am sitting here with sam on my lap trying to type this post lol for some reason the little furmudge is in a loving mood ..I'm trying to go with it..but seriously trying to strain to reach the keyboard and hazzardly balance the thing..what fun! I took it upon myself to get as many reviews done today as I could! I got 3 + the eden ambassadors post so i'm pretty happy. Tomorrow I plan to do more of the same.. I plan to get about 3 done then as well (maybe 2, one item I haven't had very long). I felt pretty awesome today, I have NO idea why. I drank some beer last night (yes I have now became a cheap alcohol drinking gal who can semi drink beer) However, I really didn't get a buzz so to speak of, but I did get VERY relaxed. Which was awesome. who knows. maybe that's why I slept so good last night! The weekend we didn't really do a whole lot, but then again we really never do. We stuck around the house, I watched Tv via our new Roku, slept alot and played on veracity message … [Read more...]

summertime fantasys [eden fantasys]

Ahh. EdenFantasys how I love thee? Let me count the ways! Lol oh wait it’s not February /Valentines day or any other special time, but I am in the mood to spoil myself with some nice luxury toys. The thing with EdenFantasys is it doesn’t have to be a special event or holiday for you to decide to spoil yourself with quality toys such as a nice luxury vibrator from someone like Jimmy Jane or Je Joue. Then again it is summertime so why not celebrate that? I personally find that when the temperature starts to rise outside, I get a little bit more erotically challenged ! Check out their selection of water friendly toys and take your fun into the tub with you. Keep in mind when you check out EdenFantasys that you can also take a few minutes to explore the community knowing that you can find real life reviews of virtually anything that you want to buy.  Real people like myself write those reviews to help you with your decisions! You won’t find a better shipping plan either, it comes … [Read more...]

[review] Hawaiian Kettle Style Chips


Alrighty who out there doesn’t eat chips? Anyone? I LOVE chips, but I haven’t really ever tried kettle chips that many times. Recently I got the chance to review Hawaiian style kettle chips, and well as an overall comment I have to say they were very scrummy! The Hawaiian style kettle chips come in 4 different flavors: Wasabi, Luau BBQ, Sweet Maui Onion and Original. I got the chance to try all of the flavors except Wasabi! The Original chips were my favorite! I don’t know why but I’m one of those girls that prefers vanilla ice cream. I guess I’m simple and original no? ha ha. They had just enough salt, they were crispy and so very..Potatoes flavored. The Luau BBQ flavored chips were pretty awesome as well. They were a little more spicy than your average barbeque chip though. I mean.. I can eat pretty hot foods but these were a bit much even for me. I had to sacrifice my bag to David and he loved them. However, he did agree they were a bit up on the spice chart! The Sweet … [Read more...]