[review] Chloraseptic Spray & Lozenges


I am the queen of sore throats. I swear, one time back when I was going to Appalachian I had the most wicked sore throat known to anyone. I actually had people coming up to me asking me if I was “ the girl with the really bad sore throat” and then they wanted to see it! The back of my throat literally looked like ground up hamburger meat! My Ex-Boyfriend tried to convince me to get my tonsils out but I wouldn’t listen. Back then I had insurance and such. I really wish I’d have listened! Needless to say I have lots of colds, (Blah) and even more so allergies.  I recently got another chance to try out some Chloraspetic products and I was like bring it on! I can always use ways to keep the sore throat and coughs at bay! I received a pack of the sugar free Chloraseptic total lozenges in wild cherry. They are awesome!  They are for multi-symptoms relief which includes throat pain, suppressing your cough for up to 4hrs , cooling the nasal passages and they are fast acting. Oh, and they … [Read more...]

roku n such

well hi there!!! i am in one of my sleeping modes again..where I sleep like from 11-11 (well o.k i'm awake from like 4-8 am..that's another story) then i get up for a little while..then nap from like 1-3 or something..and then sometimes nap from 5-7! Ugh! I think it was fom being gone on my trip (which i never wrote about...). Like exhaustion or something..meh! so thats why you haven't really saw me online!! Today i was so hopeful to get some of those reviews i needed to write up and comment and the like but ...yeah it didn't happen. lol basically i ended up having some of those crappy stabbity stabbity stab female pains (no actual period btw) i had to take some advil and go to bed.. at least they have went away ...for now.. i really am NOT looking forward to having that sort of pain again... We bought a Roku today. David actually sold the ps3 for what we had in it because he was bored of it and with the phone drama we have had lately, we just didn't want that much money … [Read more...]

i’m back & upcomming on a-r

i'm b-a-c-k (in case you were worried and hadn't saw me tweet on twitter lol) we got back around 7 on sunday. here's a list of some things to expect heading your way on a-r in the near future -blog summary w/pics of my trip -post of free stuff that i've gotten in the mail lately -pics of my business cards i got -review of chips -review of chloraseptic -review of je joue ami vaginal exercisers and even more into the future? -Treasure Vibe Review -hummingbird vibe review -bear vibe review -wine review hee hee yeah I need to get a bit caught up on my reviews for sure. and commenting and the like. it is a vicous cycle for sure. today I have to get the dishes washed and a few clothes washed. my foot is doing a bit better but only because I have stayed off of it virtually since saturday.. the latest on my ghetto neighbors? they were over here messing with the lines on the side of the house yesterday and the next thing you know our internet was totally gone. they had unscrewed the entire … [Read more...]

i’m leaving..leaving../endsong

yuppers i'm going to my grandma's tomorrow morning and i won't be back until sunday night. I probably will not be on very much...basically no cell coverage on any network and i don't know if she has any sort of internet going on or not sooo... yeah! sometimes i can catch enough coverage on my kindle to tweet so we'll have to see! right now i'm trying to get up some form of a blog post , and comment everyone. I wanted to write a couple of reviews, but honestly i don't think that is gonna pan out ..again I guess we will have to see! tomorrow is david  & my 4 year anniversary as well. not really alot has been going on. my foot isn't getting any better and it sucks. i honestly think i fractured it or something at this point. It has been a week and you still can't tell I even have an ankle..ughs! david ended up taking wed & today off as vacation days and he's been trying to help me out around the house and what not. my mom is absolutely driving me wonky so he's been … [Read more...]