where oh where have i gone?


This week has been one of those weeks that I have had so much to do, but little motivation/energy to do it with! I mean it's online stuff, offline stuff. ...just everthing! I have had paid posts, (not complaining!) eden posts for both here and grits-reviews. I also got accepted as a moderator at veracity (click and join! you'll have fun I promise!)which i was really excited about and i'm trying to do all my moderator duties :) lets see..then i've had to listen to my mom ramble like all day long every day about what she is going to do about switching phones (we have been an added line on my uncles account for 2 years. he is filing bankruptcy, so there goes our phones probably tomorrow or sunday..could even be tonight who knows. I wish she'd just make up her mind. I of course have my virgin mobile phone but as far as minutes.. the 25 buck plan I have only has 300..so meh. and thats about all i want to pay if she does end up getting her own stuff she'll include me in hers and I … [Read more...]

the wonderful eden folk won an O award!

THave you Heard? The great EdenFantasys folks won an O Award! They won the award for Outstanding Online Retailer! The O-Award is awarded to online adult retailers who accomplish outstanding things in the adult industry, including having outstanding brands, products, as well as customer service! I have alot of EdenFantasys customer service experience over the last year, and let me tell you I haven't found anyone that goes as far as they will to ensure that you are totally satisfied with your order. They really are the sex toy shop I can trust. they ship in plain standard packaging, so that there's no way the mailman knows what you are getting (or UPS for that matter) unless they are ordering from there themselves, and in that case well..lol i guess it wouldn't matter either way. They also ship really fast, and you will get your order like within a few days. Most of the adult stores I use online take up to a week! ugh. when i want my new fairy wand or whatever i'm ordering I want … [Read more...]

Wordless Wed.

David & I ate here last friday after we went rock hunting. it was raining and we had to eat in the car but it was still pretty. this is on the blue ridge parkway right before the linn cove viaduct! I thought the name was really cool :) … [Read more...]

my dad is too old to be working these hours, but my husband isn’t!

i'm worried about my dad working so much lately. I mean, most of my life my dad has worked 12 hours or more a day until the last year or so...and now it's started up again! I might have mentioned before that out the rock quary where david and dad work there is virtually no business.. well my dad has been working there the last oh say, 23 years and has previous experience in equipment and such, so they sent him off to the mountains to work at one of the other quarries. My mom and dad live a good 30=40 minutes away from me so it takes dad alot longer to get to the job up there, than what it would take david to get there..countered with the fact that dad has to pick up one of the other employees which is over 40 minutes out of the way (but part of what he has to do) dad went from being cut down to 32hrs up getting 50+ i believe it is now. he gets paid some for driving time, and he gets 10 hours on friday. it takes him almost 2hrs to go to and from work and he starts at 7 and gets off … [Read more...]

nichole is a slacker..

I am gonna try to do a video blog tomorrow..kind of like a reward from all of the paid posts and such I have been doing (which I have found help me find new things to write about that i probably wouldn't! kinda cool :) ) also I haven't done one in a while. so ...we'll see how it goes. I am thinking about getting my hair cut off in really short layers ...then i'll really have to keep my hair straightened alot more than i have been..we'll see. curly hair sucks hardcore. and i'm seriously sick of freaking having my hair on top my head all the time. ugh. if it isn't slicked down and pulled back well i can't do anything about it! ugh so sick. and it needs colored toooo I was gonna get a few web related things today but... i ended up going to hang with my mom because she is just seems sooo lonely with my dad gone all the time to work and stuff so..yeah I went over there and she gave me a bunch of food and stuff so that was nice. well I didn't have too much to say but i wanted … [Read more...]

Towing, never a good thing

I , for one know all about having to have your car towed, but I hadn't ever really thought about people having to use rv towing before! I know that in the last 4 years (notice how that coincides with getting with david ..lol) have had to have my car towed for 1. my white car when the radiator blew up and david kept driving..they towed it here and then i sent them on the way to my parents with it. 2. the burgandy car right after we got it..I was out with mom and dad, david had it...the alternator went out on it.. had to have it called in to be towed by the police...costed a fortune..wasn't even that far. ugh! 3.last summer on the way home from my great grandmothers funeral the burgandy car. some sort of radiator thing. we got it cooled down and stopped every few miles and just made it on home. probably should have had it towed. 4. last fall before we moved the gray car broke town up here..of course this is when we lived down the road. had to get dad to come up here come get me and … [Read more...]