Veracity Blogathon Day #31: Memories

What is one of your favorite memories that invokes your friends or family? Why is it one of your favorite? This one is totally throwing me for a loop! I don't really want to write about what really comes to mind because..well.. i'm not really in the mood to really GO THERE I suppose, because of people that the memories involve and stuff. I suppose some of my favorite memories as far as family, are memories of spening my summers with my grandparents when I was younger. Those memories are so sweet of getting to go yardsaling and shopping and such with my g-ma and great g-ma. I am so thankful I got those opportunities! … [Read more...]

tv shopping

One thing that david and I are currently looking into getting is a nicer tv than what we have! We just switched the one upstairs with one we got from my mom over the weekend because it was acting weird, and had lost the AV channel. We don't have a convertor box upstairs, so it rendered the dvd player useless not being able to use the AV channel. Downstairs we have the HUGE freakin tv that david got from his dad and I HATE IT. I really wish he wouldn't have sold our 32inch that we had. So we are def. in the market for something better. We have looked at everything including lcd samsung tvs I would LOVE to have an internet ready tv, but I know we can't even begin to afford one of those! … [Read more...]

Playstations & Gaming Systems

One thing that David & I have had multiple of ..other than cell phones(ha ha) (you would really be shocked how many of those we have had since last feb...I counted..and it was more than what I thought lol)are gaming systems! We have had Playstation 2's , Gamecubes, Dsi's xbox's and even a wii. The wii is most awesome because we bought it, my grandma bought it from us, and then ended up giving it back to me. Then of course we have had 2 playstation 3's that david had ended up getting rid of because he was tired of playing. That doesn't stop him from looking at ps3 bundles though! I swear boys and their toys! … [Read more...]

Veracity Blogathon day #30: Layouts

What is one of your favorite layouts you have used on your current blog site? Or one you used on a past site. Why is it your favorite? Can be made by you or a premade. I didn't make it of course! I used this layout last fall, and I adored it..except wordpress stats wouldn't work with it! I know WP stats might not be the best thing to use, but it is what I am used to! It just fit the fall season/autumn-rain theme so well :) I might have to use it again. I was lucky I had a screenshot because I had just changed layouts when I reviewed the Snapit software! … [Read more...]


I am sure that you have noticed that barcodes are EVERYWHERE you look now a days. I am talking about those little QR codes for the most part! I think I even saw an article where you can get one on your headstone, for godsake! That's where having a barcode scannerslike the ones you can get on your cell phone would come in handy. Also they come in handy for checking prices on items so you can find better deals on them, or even how much something someone got you costed! … [Read more...]

David’s Ruler Trick

I haz made u all a video :) Find out how old someone is/year they are born w/tape measure. We concentrated on the year-age but you can work backwards and find out the year they were born from their age! for ex: if they were 84 they were born in 1927! (yah i totally wonked out when i was trying to show my grandma's year, but i'm sure you all get the point!) … [Read more...]