yup… I suck at being social lately

I am a slacker :( I have really gotten to where I have slacked off online. It isn't just  on the site, no I have slacked off on Veracity, Twitter, Grits-Reviews (especially so.. and even more so with my personal adult reviews!)  My Klout score has fell, and my site hits have took a big tumble (thanks to me slacking extra bad with commenting, and unjoining my large triberr tribe..) Most of this has coincided with david's hours & job location changing. seems like I can honestly never get my schedule right at all. BLAH! I am DETERMINED to get going on the right path again though! Watch out internet, i'm TRYING to be back lol. There really isn't too much going on in my world to blog about. We had 2 apartments empty over here and I wanted to clean..like I did before. When I called to ask  She said they hired a guy to come clean..which I found odd..and then I have seen her over here piddling for like 3 days..Honestly why lie? just say no. I am so sick of asking to help out … [Read more...]

The Zone Diet: ZoneFast Weight Loss Program Review


I am a person that thought i'd never have to consider dieting. I am one of those gals that way 105 on a "bad" day. It was a long standing joke that if I ever got to 110 I’d be “fat” (remember it was just a joke!) And even then, I had this teeny tiny stomach ..I swore I had a “pudge” HA! Little did I know after battling cervical cancer/ HPV and getting married..I would weigh at my highest 140lbs! I know that isn’t a lot don’t get me wrong. It isn’t that I mind the number…I just don’t like that it is ALL in my stomach. Clothes that used to be “big” don’t fit anymore…especially shirts, they aren’t long enough, and you counter that with pants that are low rise.. hello wardrobe nightmare! I basically live in stretchy pants! I am also a person who has always looked at diet as the word DIE with a cross behind it! I know that my parents did diets when I was younger, but the stuff they ate didn’t appeal to me, I’m allergic to a ton of stuff, then religious reasons I don’t eat some things, … [Read more...]

Traveling..I would like to DO IT!

I have always wanted to travel more than what I do!  I am not just talking about traveling to virginia/tennesee ...I am talking about traveling to somewhere "far" away. A few places come to mind are England...I heard about this study abroad program one time when I was in high school and it sounded SO VERY AWESOME. you even got to go to a party in a castle or something like that. of course, it wasn't something we could afford but it was still a dream of mine! Of course with my naturally curly hair would FLIP out in that weather! with all that rain and such! Another place I would like to go to is Ireland! I think it's because of my family heriatge.. my moms family is irish mostly, and I just adore the idea of  visiting it. It seems enchanted in a way that I can't begin to even explain! I don't know I just think GREEN lol... and it doesn't have anything to do with st. patricks day.. just it seems so LUSH there! maybe someday! My final place that I have semi wanted to visit … [Read more...]

i’m alive. for real.

It is sunday, and I have been awake since 5:30 a/m. Oh What fun! You know me and sleep are not friends..lately it's getting worse. :( It seems my big issue is FALLING asleep. If I get woke up for any reason It takes me at least an hour to go back to sleep if not longer. The only time I get decent sleep is straight down the middle of the day, which I hate to do, but I always think it's best to sleep when you actually can, and not try to fight it! I hope this clears up with the changing of the seasons and such! The weather still hasn't cleared up! David ended up having to work friday,and they actually got sent home because of the rain!! I seriously wish I could take a picture of sam right now but he'd move before i could get the camera. He practically looks like he sleeping standing on his head lol. I don't have big plans for today AT ALL. I have clothes to be washed and other than that.. i'll probably be sleeping while david watches football! I realize this is a pretty … [Read more...]

howdy there :)

Howdy There! Thanks to all the comments on my last "real" update! I know the pictures might have inspired you to comment, but i'm sure it was mostly because I'm the gal to comment on the comment thing on Veracity! :) either way i'm enjoying the comments! I am planning to contact alot of you about link exchanges and such, and will reply back to all the comments before all is said and done! Ever since last thursday it has been dreary dreary dreary outside! Then today we have MASSIVE amounts of rain! I am all about fall , but a few SUNNY cool  days would be awesome! I feel like mush lol. don't need any help in that department! I have already broke out my coffee! I only do coffee in cooler weather !! I have also had my electric fireplace a few times! We bought a fire pit last friday night at walmart, and i'm really happy we did. mom is going to give me her old fireplace set /metal bucket so we can use it ..she might give me a little bit of wood too! I kind of got frustrated … [Read more...]