don’t take your heat for granted!

*waves* Hi There! Well I got extra special off track because david ended up not working on friday last week, plus now he's back down here working this week!  Only really good thing about that is I should get decent sleep and not be nearly as cranky! Wed. We got Iphone's at walmart, I got the white 8gb iphone 4 (only because they didn't have a 16 with at&t) and david got an 3Gs. We only paid 88.87 for BOTH of them! so glad I waited!  Because David was so impatient we had to deal with getting the phones BEFORE going to my mom's and visiting company... it took FOREVER and we didn't get to mom's till after 7! (we left here around 5:45 and got to walmart around 6 something.. ) Plus we got stuck in traffic.. We got home around 9ish, and realized that once again we are without heat!  UGH!!! Thursday I call and leave a message about the heat situation, and of course I don't hear anything back all day!  I don't remember much else about Thursday... I think that was the day I … [Read more...]

Shutterfly for holiday cards! (giveaway!)

last year's card (2010)

  Everyone who knows me, knows I live for mail & packages! I have been like this since I was a young child... I don't know why but it is just excitement for me. I get extra indulged during the holiday season because of holiday cards!  I like to send as well as receive. Check back here sometime next week for my google document that you can fill out and exchange cards with me! I really like to connect with my online pals this way!  I do give out the option to exchange either Christmas cards, holiday cards or the "surprise me" option! (Oh, and I ship internationally as well!)     Last christmas was the first year I ever did a professional photo holiday card! I had wanted to send out photo cards before, but no such luck. Never had a good enough printer or the time/money to fiddle with going somewhere and printing out pics and on and on. I have saw some of my aunts throw together some very icky looking atempts in their time! I didn't want to even attempt … [Read more...]

me. me. I am here somewhere.

I swear I will never be the old me. Everytime I get going in the right direction something snags me back the other way. Right now i'm fighting off said nasty lung infection and the period from, well, there is no nice way to put it. HELL! I had been having some weird twinges in my back/sides/female areas...but I really didn't associate with my period. (stupid me, no?) I have also been having some extra nice wicked headaches... So anyways last night when I went to get david I started getting a headache /twingies.. but I just chalked it up to hunger/tired./whatever..which it could have had a little to do with. We stop by target (ok well thats like 30 min away) and pay off our tv, I was so sick I couldn't even go in. Then we go in olive garden they were crowded as heck, but we got right in because we sat at tables in the bar area. I immeadiately took some advil. I felt a BIT better in a few min but still shaky/weak/etc i ate a bit of soup..and then went and got very sick in the … [Read more...]

weekend didn’t start well

This weekend didn't start out so well... Friday I realized that i forgot that my phone minutes were up as of midnight! I have a Virgin Mobile pay as you go piece of crap...well we really didn't have the money to put on it, because we had misbudgeted! GRR. It was semi important for me to have it just so I have access to a phone on monday when david is gone to work. I tried to whore out autumn-rain & grits-reviews to get someone to buy paid advertising but no luck! So I guess I'll just be w/out a phone until tuesday :( (Because I'd rather be able to get some food and other stuff we need for the weekend!) Then, Friday evening we went to turn our heat, and it wouldn't come on! We had just used it on thursday...I know the bill is paid & the water heater works just fine (we have gas) Our piolot lite is auto, and it's on the roof. Apparently there is something wrong with it. I still haven't saw anyone to come fix it either!'s been in the low 30's too!  Thank GOD for … [Read more...]

can’t think of a title :(

Well apparently tuesday was my day this week so to speak! I haven't managed to get anything really going ever since! I think wedneseday could have panned out for me, but I ended up going out with my mom and it took up the bulk of my day. We went "couponing" so to speak. At walmart and including her 15 buck tablet screen protectors and 5 buck rotary cutter refill) It was 101 bucks!! When the coupons came off, and still including those items was 54 bucks! if you subtract the 20, she got all of her goodies for like 30ish bucks!  I should have kept better notes on what costed what/took pictures but I didn't :( I know we got some friskies cat treats for 42 cent each though! sam was a happy boy! We went up to good will and got a piece of fabric to make my nook cover out of. that's right. ... i caved in. I am getting a nook color. I found it on and couldn't resist it! it was only 130 which was pretty much half of if i'd have bought it at b&n so.. yeah!!  I … [Read more...]